Tis the season for rain, or so it seems. Ibadan’s weather could be quite confusing and unpredictable. One minute it’s too hot to handle, and the next, it’s raining cats and dogs.so does your fabulous style have to suffer ? Nah, even in the raining season we got you. Here are some quick style tips to keep you looking fashion savvy.


Be prepared

The weather could be quite deceiving while you are leaving home in the morning, so it’s better to be prepared for the rain than be caught drenched. So make sure you have the rainy season essentials. An umbrella or rain coat, a rain cap, a jacket (for the cold, preferably waterproof) and a rubber sandal (if need be).


Break out the big bag

There is no better time to rock the big bag trend than now, it gives you enough space to fit your mini sized umbrella and all your other rain essentials. Just make sure it has a zip or some kind of closure to keep water out and preferably in patent leather or rubber.


Dress for both weather

Do you know how awkward it could be, when you think it will rain, and the weather will be cold all day, and you decide to wear a teeny-tiny, strapless top, that you have to wear a jacket on, with the thoughts that you won’t be removing it all day. Then later in the day, the sun decides to “shine bright in all its glory” and you can’t remove the jacket, because what you are wearing under is inappropriate. So there you are sweating seriously, and everyone is saying “see how you are sweating, remove your jacket now” and you are like “no, I like it like that”. Well, we’ve all been there. In this unpredictable weather, the best thing is to try and dress for both weather. If you have to wear a jacket, wear something underneath that is appropriate to be worn alone, so if the weather changes, you can easily pull off your jacket and put it in your bag.


Bye-Bye Suede

This is the time to put away our favorite suede shoes and bags, you don’t want to be caught in the rain wearing one of this. It could get ruined.


Hello Rubber

In the raining season, rubber is your new best friend. Rubber shoes, rubber sandals, rubber slippers, rubber bags are best for the raining days. They don’t get ruined, they are easy to clean, and they come in different fun colors.


Water-proof makeup

Nothing is scarier than when your makeup meets rain, this season might not be the best time for heavy makeup, you might want to go for water proof makeup, and if you don’t have any, tone it down on the makeup, or go completely natural for the main time and say no to raccoon eyes.



You don’t want to be caught in the rain with your weave on, so braids are a better option for hair. They’re versatile and won’t absorb heat, like weaves when the sun is hot, and when they get wet, you can simply whip your hair back and forth (or better yet, just towel dry them).



Sorry ladies, your heels might have to go on a break this period, except you have a car or access to a ride, to and fro. But if you take the leg-wagon like us, then heels are a no-no, not only can they get ruined by the rain, you also have to consider the puddles of water you might have to battle with, and the wet floors, and you do know that heels and a wet, slippery floor, don’t mix. Before you know it, splat! You are face down. Ouch!


Don’t let the rain cramp your style though, follow this quick tips and you are good to go.



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