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    Last night I dreamt of a great Black NATION

    One that is United without DIVISION.

    Filled with Politicians devoid of CORRUPTION

    Each of them with a MISSION.

    Only to fullfill our collective AMBITIONS.

    Being closely followed by Citizens with a true VISION

    With the priamry aim to reach a common DESTINATION.

    Human rights without VIOLATION

    As laid down in our CONSTITUTION

    Land for all without EVASION

    Safe boundaries without INVASION

    Budgets without OMISSIONS

    Figures without EXAGGERATION.

    And immediate CORRECTION
    of any ALTERATION.

    Public resources For the whole POPULATION, majority or minority

    Job placements for all without tribal and religious DISCRIMINATION.

    Qualitative and affordable EDUCATION,
    For the current and future GENERATIONS.

    Free, fair and reason led ELECTIONS

    Without Direct NOMINATION.

    Births without ABORTION

    Life without incurable INFECTIONS.

    A better Nigeria with no need for DEPORTATIONS of our people from other countries.

    And it starts with your next decision this morning. Remember, repeated actions becomes a habit.

    Good day and do have a profitable week.

    Fadoju Babajide
    BBPIN: 55D2BD35

    Repost if found useful

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