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Entrepreneurship is the new wave of surviving in the seemingly hard economy our country Nigeria has found itself. There are lesser job opportunities in the labour market, and the available ones are just way underpaying. Well, what’s the point of nagging when there is a workable solution to the low job opportunity in the Labour market?

So what’s that workable solution? Digital Entrepreneurship! Yes, that’s the new wave. Several people are entrepreneurs, however, the new turn in entrepreneurship is in the digital realm; well, not so new. The good news about digital entrepreneurship is that you can sit down right in the comfort of your room with good internet connection and make enough money that will make you nag less about the sad economy of our country. Which means you can still “ball” without waiting for your monthly salary


The 21st century is no doubt the Internet century, everyone is one way or the other connected to the cyberspace, we obviously cannot deny the fact that our lives are tied to the internet. This put in front of digital entrepreneurs huge way of making a living without having to wear a three-piece suit to the office. You could decide to be in your towel and make money off the digital space;  after all you are your own boss.


As said earlier, the society is wrapped around the digital space, therefore, solving problems that befell our society can easily be solved on the digital landscape. Is there anything as sweet as solving problems at the same time cashing out? Well, I’ll wait to hear something sweeter. This is an opportunity to be a digital entrepreneur which puts you in the same industry the likes of Mark Zuckerberg ( Facebook), Sergey Brin (Google), Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Mitchell Elegbe (Interswitch)  and yes Bill Gates ( Microsoft) as well. I’ll leave you to imagine the net-worth of these guys.

Why not take a smart decision to opt in for Aspiring Entrepreneur Digital 2018 which holds from April 16 – May 11 in Ibadan. Do not let this golden opportunity pass you by as Application closes March 31st

#AEPdigital are looking for 40 high potential entrepreneurs between the ages of 18-35. Visit for details


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