Fun Places To Hang Out This Weekend in Ibadan

It is yet another Friday and you might be looking for a place to party, or just relax after a long week at work. I have compiled list of some Fun Places To Hang Out This Weekend in Ibadan

Once in awhile, we need to find some time to unwind and have some fun and enjoy this big thing called “Life” in the best way possible. Ibadan is a blessed city, with beautiful places for the most amazing night on Fridays and weekend cruise.

Ibadan has numerous hangout spots perfect for some time out and whether you’re into the high-life or would rather sit down to have snacks and drinks with a friend, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this bright and beautiful city.

If you are one of our readers and haven’t been to the city of Ibadan, then plan to visit because here should be your next stop for something that should seem like the “Perfect Get-away”.  

Ibadan is proudly one of the largest cities in Africa, a good place to explore and take a tour because life is worth one of many adventures.

Here are fun places to visit in Ibadan on weekends:


  • KARAOKE NIGHT- Latitude Café and Lounge


Fun Places To Hang Out This Weekend in Ibadan

Nothing engages our senses like music. If you want a great place to hang out this weekend at Bars just for the fun of it, then consider “the Latitude Café and Lounge”, located at the Ventura Mall, Samonda, Ibadan. It takes a mouth to sing, you really don’t need to be a professional singer. Do some Karaoke with your friends, the feeling is ecstatic.


  • Agodi Gardens and Leisure Park


Fun Places To Hang Out This Weekend in Ibadan

This is for anyone who cares for a tour, the park is a tourist site and meets practically every need, from restaurants to water parks and even a zoo. This could pass as a one-size-fits-all destination.


  • IITA Forest Reserve


Fun Places To Hang Out This Weekend in Ibadan

This is a breath-taking tourist attraction in Ibadan, from wild to warm, the experience is everything. With the rainforest having sporting facilities like a 9-hole golf course, badminton court, swimming pool, football pitch, and a lawn tennis court among others, revive your sporty lifestyle all over again.


  • The University of Ibadan Zoo


Fun Places To Hang Out This Weekend in Ibadan

Have you ever considered checking out the zoo? The feeling is priceless. Gazing at the wonderful creatures, you’ll get caught up in the beauty of creation. Take selfies with an ape and have a rich gallery to share on your social pages. The University of Ibadan Zoo is a place to relax on a weekend such as this.


  • Filmhouse Cinemas


Fun Places To Hang Out This Weekend in Ibadan

There are great places in the city of Ibadan if you are a movie lover. Seeing a Movie at the cinema is one of the many ways to have fun anywhere, Filmhouse happens to be one of the known cinemas in Ibadan. Grab a box of popcorn and enjoy blockbusters anytime, the feeling is mind-blowing. You can check out the cinema at Ventura Mall, Viva.

Thank you for taking your time to check Fun Places To Hang Out This Weekend in Ibadan. Do you know any fun filled place to relax on a weekend that I didn’t talk about? Why not share them with us in the comment box.

Do have a fun filled weekend!



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