Ibadan is the capital of Oyo state in the South West region of Nigeria, is also the largest city in Africa by land mass. It is also reportedly the 3rd cheapest city to live. The city is known for its peaceful and less congested environment, no wonder we have Popular Ibadan Based Nollywood Actors and Actresses.

In this article, I have compiled a list of some of the Popular Ibadan Based Nollywood Actors and Actresses

Ibadan Based Actors and Actresses



1. Toyin Adegbola

She is presently the Hottest Actress In Ibadan. Her break came from the video “Asewo To Re Mecca, ” after which she became a celebrated actress. She has a nice building to herself around the Bashorun-Ashi axis, and she is reported to be into the sales of exotic wines. This beautiful actress shuttles between Ibadan and London (because most of her films now have London scenes in them), and this has changed her appellation from being “Asewo to re Mecca” to “Asewo To Re London” Lol.



2. Lere Paimo

Veteran Actor, Lere Paimo who is 78 years of age He is better known as “Eda Onile Ola” or simply “Eda” which has been his stage name for more than two decades now.”Baba Eda” as he is known among the artistes,was one of the few men who could maintain and run a real theatre as far back as the 1970s. Apart from the Eda Inile Ola series,he had some popular productions back in time,which included Aditu Olodumare(an adaptation of a book by D.O.Faguwa) and Ogbori Elemosho.Till date,Lere Paimo remains a force to reckon with in the movie industry he is about the only actor who can dance well to traditional drums. He stands out as a “bata” dancer. He rides a V-Boot in Ibadan and he is a frequent traveller too. He also has some international awards to his credit, as well as countless appearances in home video.



3. Kola Oyewo

He is another actor who has been in the business for a while. Most people remember him for his role in Mainframe’s Koseegbe and Saworo Ide, both written by Akiwunmi Isola. Kola Oyewo is a good actor who fits very well into any role he plays. He has a good carriage both on and off the set: Apart from acting, he lectures at the Communication and Language Art Department at the University of Ibadan.



Sunday Omobolanle
4. Sunday Omobolanle

He is better known as “Papiluwe” which was coined from the stage name “Papa Aluwe”. He started a group which had members like Adebayo Salami (Oga Bello), Lanre Hassan (Mama Awero), and Pa Ojoge. After the demise of the founder, Aluwe was one of those who held the group together when it became known as Awada Kerikeri Organisation He is a comedian of note and his ability to fit into both English and Yoruba roles is an added advantage to his career. He cruises around in nice automobiles with his wife Peju whenever he is in Ibadan.



5. Binta Ayo Mogaji

This dark skinned lady is one of the most popular actresses in Ibadan .She fits well into any role and she takes part in both Yoruba and English movies. Though she has a good command of English, yet whenever the occasion demands it, Ayo is able to speak flawless original lbadan Yoruba. She is a frequent traveller. She lives around Bodija and she is reported to own a Guest House in Old Bodija .



6. Kayode Olaiya

Popularly known as Aderupoko In the comical aspect of films, is one of the most experienced men, especially in Ibadan. He started sometime in the 70s, as a member of the group known as Jesters International which comprised himself, Papalolo and Jacob (now of blessed memory). The popularity of the group was cut short by the demise of Jacob after which the other two decided to go solo. On the surviving members, Aderupoko has been the more active one and has acted in more films than Papalolo, who only gets minor roles nowadays.



7. Dele Odule

He is the tall and dark actor to whom acting comes naturally.Though he lives in Lagos these days, he seems to be getting more roles than anyone else in Yoruba films. When in lbadan, Dele cruises around in some nice auto mobiles while he is also noted for his good dress sense.



8. Peju Ogunmola

Married to Sunday Omobolanle (Aluwe), people still know Peju better by her maiden name. For her, acting simply flows in her veins, as she was actually born into it. Her late brother, Yomi was one of the best film directors before he died. Despite being a star, Peju is well respected for her down-to-earth nature. She lives in a nice house with her husband in lbadan.

And that is all for Popular Ibadan Based Actors and Actresses. Feel free to drop other actors and actresses you know are Ibadan based.


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