Hello folks you are welcome to Ibadan Insider Literature corner, our very first contributor is Oyindamola Akorede and she shares with us her short poem called  Random.

The day Àjàdí married Àbíké omo ìyá olóbì.
Pépéye má pon’mo o!
‘Músò! Músò!! Músò!!!’, people chanted.
That was the tone of excitement.
To show that one has done well.
Excelled far above peers.
‘Èyìn Ìyàwó ò ní mení o’, well-wishers said.
Genuinely congratulating the husband and the bride.
Àjàdí ìkó fúnrà è.
Bí wón bá g’eshin nínú è, kò le ko’sè.
Happy and contented.
Afterall, he had gotten what his heart had wanted.
Àbíké ‘jíí.
Omó dáa tán, ó d’ejó.
Last and only surviving child of Ìyoolóbì.
Beautiful in and out.
They say if one put water in Àbíké’s mouth at the start of day.
It would still be intact by nightfall.
Fate indeed smiled upon Àjàdí.
Blessed him with the ‘person of his head’.


Elékún nsukún tíè, Aláyò nyo.
As the joyous proceedings went on.
Àbèbí stood her distance.
Far away for fear of being seen and humiliated.
Eni oko kò.
Shortly before the crowd of well-wishers thinned out.
Àbèbí muttered a quick curse.
Such that only the both of us could hear.
‘Àbíké ò ní gbó kpá.’, she said.
We turned as fast as we could and left the scene.

Oyindamola is a Graduate of  Food Processing and Production  from the University of Ibadan and a WordPress Developer at TinklingD. Her Poetry  appeared in  the recently published UIWrites Anthology.


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