Job Application Mistakes To Avoid

Job Applications

Hi Dear Reader,

You seem to keep track of the various vacancies that pops up but have you ever wondered why you haven’t really been receiving appreciable calls for interviews compared to the numerous CVs you pushed out.

Check out tips to avoid next making mistakes next time.

  • The name of the organization: If you are making an application to a company, especially one whose name was clearly stated on the call for application, the least you can do is get it right. For instance, if the organization’s name is Ibadan Insider; avoid writing Ibadan Inside.
  • Email subject line: If you are submitting an application by Email, reference the organization or role where stated. For instance, “Application for the role of Content Developer not just “This is my CV”
  • Forwarded Content: Avoid forwarding contents without editing during Job application; take the time to edit your CV or Cover Letter as well as email-content before pushing it forward. For instance, sending a cover letter with organization A to organization B, already disqualified you.
  • Emails without attachments: In a bid to meet the application deadline, many are guilty of not attaching their CV to their emails. During application reviews, there will be nothing to make a decision.
  • Emails without contact information: Sending emails without any contact information such as phone number or addresses; render your application to an extent invalid or telling the organization, you don’t need their response. Not all organizations contact directly via the email-address, some prefer to make a phone call. Avoid this next time!
  • Tailoring your CV: Every Job offer requires some specification, this is why you can’t afford to have one CV for all applications. Take time to read about the organization and the job specifications, these already give a background information as to if you are qualified.
  • Do a Follow-up: For every vacancy, you aren’t going to be the only applicants, at least minimum of two and maximum of unimaginable. You can easily stand out yourself from the numerous CVs received by doing an email follow-up; however, you have to be strategic with this to avoid being a pest. For instance, you received a response that “we’ll get back to you next week”, if after the date, you didn’t receive any response then you can politely forward a follow-up mail.

I hope these tips help next time you are applying for a Job.




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