The report reaching us from insideoyo about the student who was expelled for gross misconduct, has been pardoned and called back to school, by the vice-chancellor of the great institution.

Kingsley Chinemerem Anyanwu, a 100 level student of Geology Department who embarrassed the University of Ibadan in 2015/16 and called the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Abel Idowu Olayinka unprintable names on social media and was expelled has narrated circumstances surrounding his shameful actions, just as he said he would forever be grateful to the VC for being merciful by giving him another opportunity to continue with his studies.

Anyanwu was expelled during the 2016/17 session for gross misconduct after facing Student Disciplinary Committee and found guilty.

He appealed to Council to reconsider his case, but the Council upheld the earlier SDC decision of expulsion.

However, in a rare show of mercy, Prof. Olayinka went back to Council and personally made a strong case for Anyanwu, pleading with the highest decision making body to give the expelled student a second chance. The VC succeeded.

In an interview, Mr. Anyanwu explained the circumstances surrounding the ugly development, attributing it to frustration and delay that he felt the 2015 crisis will do to his life.

“Let me use this opportunity to profusely thank the VC for giving me a second chance. I had called him to allow me to come and prostrate in his office. He said it was not necessary. Without VC’s personal intervention, there was no way for me because the Council replied my appeal, upholding the SDC’s expulsion verdict”, Kingsley stated.

But why did he go to the extent of embarrassing the university and VC on social media? Kingsley was asked.

His response “Sir, I didn’t even know what came over me. I was not interested in what the students were fighting for at that time. I was only thinking about the cumulative effect of that protest and the closure of the school on my life. I was terribly annoyed that the school was being closed down “

“When I realized that my post had embarrassed the university and the VC, I felt bad. I was deeply wounded. My parents were so embarrassed and disappointed. I quickly changed my line and withdrew to myself. At the Faculty Student Disciplinary Committee, I begged for forgiveness, but it was too late. When I got to the Central Student Disciplinary Committee, I begged again and again, the verdict remained the same. I appealed to Council, the earlier expulsion judgment was upheld “

“I then began to fast and pray for days. I had even taken another JAMB form before the VC called me that if I was given another chance, will I be of good behaviour? I thought I was dreaming. I never believed until he said he had pleaded on my behalf and the Council has reversed the decision. Honestly, I will never forget this great man. He showed me mercy ” stated Anyanwu.

“I am in 200 level now while my mates are in 300 level. I lost a year. I still thank God that I have another opportunity to return to UI. I really love UI. From my formative years, I have been dreaming of UI” he stressed, advising students to learn how to tame their tongues and control their temperament.


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