Jamz 100. 1 a new youth oriented, music and sports radio station, located at Felele area of Oyo State capital, Ibadan, is set to begin operations on the 23rd of September 2016.

The station according to its owner, veteran  broadcaster,Mr Femi Sowoolu, will also focus on socially driven, informative and empowerment programmes aimed at impacting the youth with requisite educational values.

The goal of Jamz 100.1FM, according to Sowoolu, is to be a radio station that is socially responsible to its immediate environment and to Nigeria as a whole, providing a lot of information and news.
Sowoolu adds, “We are a top 40 urban contemporary radio station. We are targeted at the youth, but we also intend to bring up intelligent issues and find ways by which we can empower our people. We want to be an up-to-date, developmental station.

“We shall provide a whole lot of information, titbits, empowering issues, socially driven programmes, empowerment programmes by which we intend to help the youth develop a positive attitude to life by educating and impacting them with positive values. We want to delve into helping education, helping schools. Radio has to go back to many of its traditional ethos, which has been abandoned over the years, that is, education, information, entertainment.”

“Jamz 101.1 FM wants to be the number one station in this entire area in the shortest possible time. We want to go back to the basics of radio because we have lost it. We have our best voices in this area. We have the knowledge, capacity and wherewithal to create content that we think is relevant to the community and will excite brands and businesses and make them come to advertise themselves with us.

We also know that the biggest challenge for any radio organisation in Nigeria is power. We know these challenges, but in less than two years, our station intends to be very successful and number one,” he said.


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