So sometime last week a sudden bout of harmattan descended on Ibadan, and then a few days later it disappeared as mysteriously as it came. Here are seven pictures that resonate with anyone that experienced it.

1. When somebody comes to wake you up for devotion at 6:00 am.

Is this how you used to do? Is cold not reaching your own side?

2. You should come to our programme it is at 10 pm….

I cannot come and go and die of cold  please…

3. How your feet look like when you wake up in the morning…

What is happening? I am not understanding

4. When Your mom says “sorry we are out of gas and we don’t have electricity, so you have to bathe with cold water”

Hay God! what I have done to deserve this?

5. When it is time to have your bath with cold water…

6. How you look when you have been out of the bathroom for two minutes and you have not rubbed cream on your body…

7. And then the harmattan disappeared just as mysteriously as it came…

Woreez happening? Are we playing hide and seek now?

How was the harmattan period for you?  We would like to know, so kindly share with us in the comments. Also, watch out for more IbadanInsider meme articles. Do you feel you have an experience you want to meme? Then get on the site, create your account and start writing.


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