Ibadan is known for the good, bad, ugly and sometimes bizarre side which has dominated social media sphere. Here are some of the highlights from the week.

Its billed to be a festival of social media enthusiasts in the city of Ibadan. Fingers are currently crossed as to what the activities that would make up the festival would be as it was unveiled in the course of the week. It trended on twitter within 24 hours of its announcement on twitter. Anticipation is quite high, time would tell if the organizers of the festival would work the talk.

There was a mild blackout in the city of Ibadan on 28th September 2017, which was estimated to be between 7 and 10 PM as various twitter users across the city interacted and gave situation report based on their location.

Here are some funny pictures captured by yours truly and posted on my instagram account (@famousseyi23)

Flexing spot detected…….. The guy in  the picture cannot ‘comman’ die

Slay queen???? Colour Blocking??? Fashion trend?????? Be the judge

Shots Fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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