Taiwo Olusanya, popularly known as Mc Obama, is one of the popular and wave-making comedians in Ibadan. He has been penetrating the nooks and crannies, of  Ogun State as he is fast becoming one of the most engaged Mcs at events in Ogun State, owing to his hilarious jokes.  In an interview with City People’s Bunmi Mustapha, Olusanya talked about his passion for comedy and  his upcoming shows.

Can I get to know you better?

My real name is Taiwo Olusanya, while my stage name is Mc Obama, I was born in Oru, Ijebu part of Ogun State. I started my primary school at St. Andrews school Ilaporu, Ijebu. We later relocated to Sokoto where I finished my secondary  education.

When did you start comedy? 

I started comedy 10 years ago in Ibadan, it all started in  a church.

What really inspired your entry into comedy?

Nothing really because I have always been very funny since I was young. I know how to make people laugh and sometimes when people want to take advantage of my height,  I quickly use my mouth to deal with them.  It gradually became what I love to do so, I told myself I can actually make a living by making people laugh and here I am today, 10 years and still counting.

When you started 10 years ago, who trained you  to become a professional comedian?

The truth is no one trained me, I groomed myself into what I am today, but Jesus trained me. Because without him, no training can make one have a breakthrough in life.

Comedy is a gift. I developed from church, as a member of the Celestial Church of Christ.

Who is your role model among the comedians in Nigeria.

I like Ali Baba and Gbenga Adeyinka because their comedy and jokes are mature. You can’t hear them crack  unreasonable jokes. And another mentor of mine is the late Gbenga Adeboye.

Since you started comedy 10 years ago, what has been your major breakthrough and biggest show?

My breakthrough was when I met Pastor Adeboye, as I said, I started comedy in the church 10 years ago, but I met  Pastor Adeboye seven years ago at Jogor Centre in Ibadan. After doing my thing on the stage, I went to him, he shook my hand and prayed for me and that was my breakthrough and the beginning of my success in comedy. Speaking of the events I have anchored, I have lost count,  but I have been anchoring the Nigerian Brewery Shows in Ibadan for more than six years now.

How is comedy life in Ibadan?

Comedy life in Ibadan has changed from what it used to be. We now have many up-coming comedians rocking the scene, compared to when I started 10 years ago. Now, we have people such as  Peteru , Sete , Cycle, Rapping Daddy and many of them. It is becoming competitive.

Like every other comedian , do you have your own comedy show?

Not yet, but I’m already  planning one,  which will feature the likes of Wasiu Ayinde , Olamide, Oritshefemi, Adekunle Gold and comedians from Lagos, Ogun and Oyo States.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Ten years ago, I was a nobody, but today the story has changed for good for me. So, in another 10 years,  to come I know that God who has brought me this far would have taken me to unexpected heights and places.


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