By Iyaafin

The rate at which our infrastructure is being destroyed, not by natural causes but by our own hands  is quite unfortunate. Some people worked tirelessly to ensure that the middle class and below average  people have the opportunity to enjoy at least a few things in life, since they cannot enjoy a lot of things due to their situation. It’s pretty disturbing that while these heroes worked without relenting, some other people are bent on destroying their hard work. It is a classic case of what popular musician, Daddy Showkey refers to in his classic song “Somebody tun ile se, somebody da ile ru”

This is so heartbreaking!


It was on my way back from my usual school run that I discovered this problem. That particular day, the weather was terribly hot and the fear of being held up in the horrible traffic made me consider  taking another route. I decided to go through Uncle Joe in Mokola area and I drove right through the Kabiawu street linking Festac (Cultural Centre). It was the best option I had, as the road is usually free from traffic jams and gets me to my destination faster.

To my amazement, however, the smooth and pothole free road that I used to know is now atrocious and in a  worse state  than that of a road that has never even been tarred. I also took a little time to do some research and I found out that the government promised them pipe borne water. The aforementioned road  itself was dug in 2015 but  it had been abandoned since then.

 While I agree this has to be done for the benefit of the people, however, the question is this: Why do we like to destroy things and not repair them? Do we have the culture of making things better at all? Is the government, federal, state and local aware of the effect this is having on the people (living in the area)?


I  lived on that Kabiawu street for about 3 years. Believe me,that road was the only thing Mokola people had to enjoy. They have been suffering from lack of good water supply all these years.  The inhabitants of Mokola  buy water every day to bathe with, and we aren’t even talking about drinking water . The power supply in Mokola is epileptic,as  it is in every other part of Ibadan.

I hope the government would come to the rescue of the people living in the Mokola area . They have more than enough problems to deal with already. Let the government of Oyo State  not deprive them of the only thing they have left to enjoy. They are humans and they also deserve a good life like the rest of their fellow citizens.


Iyaafin is the pseudonym of OmoSalewa Tunde-Onakoya. she writes in from Ibadan. Check her our on Instagram at @omosalewatundeonakoya  or send her a mail at

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