Our environment is sometimes inherently stressful, Ibadan residents need outlets for relaxation, stress reduction and restoration. Exposure to nature in a variety of settings has been shown by researchers to reduce stress in humans. Little research, however, has been undertaken to quantify and describe the benefits of visiting public gardens. Here are two major world-class gardens in the ancient city:



Agodi Gardens, Ibadan offers visitors many recreational opportunities, where visitors are encouraged to explore and utilise all available amenities. These recreational activities include a waterpark, a restaurant, playgrounds and an animal enclosure.

It is situated in Ibadan, Oyo Province in Nigeria. Ibadan which is the third largest city by population in the country and also the third largest city  in Africa. The garden is situated near the center of the sprawling Ibadan metropolis, near the Oyo State Secretariat Complex.  It stands out as a green lung in the surrounding urban landscape with a great recreational potential. Park opens from Monday  to Thursday :  10:00a.m – 8:00p.m and Friday – Sat:  10:00a.m –  9:00p.m but Sunday: 12 noon – 9:00p.m


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The Gardens have over the years demonstrated a high sense of commitment to recreation, education, conservation and sustainable environmental
needs of the country as the foremost botanical garden in this part of the world. This could be attested to by the wide range of orchid collections, Bryophyte/fern collections, economic trees, palms and both indigenous and exotic flora as well as the ornamentals. Various exchange programmes existed between the gardens and other gardens of the world.







REFERENCE: agodigardens.com, ui.edu.ng/botanicalgarden


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