Day3 Recap of the South-West eCommerce Summit & Expo

It is a popular saying that everything that has a beginning will surely have an end. The South-West eCommerce Summit and Expo was concluded on the 28th of March, 2018.

The event location was filled with participants just as from the beginning of the summit and the excitement on their faces showed how much they have learnt.

The summit kicked off with Testimonies being shared by the participants on stage; among the testimonies were:

Participants Sharing Testimonies from the eCommerce Summit so far

What I learnt at a summit like this in Lagos encouraged me to write a book that earned me an opportunity to contest for a UNESCO award as the best publication in 2018 and I must confess this summit taught me much more-Participant1

Thanks to Bank of Industry for sponsoring me to the event because I never believed it was possible at first; I just applied online and later got an email informing me that I have been sponsored– Participant 2

It was my wife that convinced me to attend and really I have tremendously gained a lot from the past days. I want to use this medium to appreciate my wife– Participant 3

The Keynote Speakers for Day 3 were Mr. Akinwale Oluwaseun, a Managing partner at Maxtech; Mr. Babatola Ogunsola, Co-founder myMusicafrica and Mr. Olabode Afuwape, Supervisor at Jumia.

Mr. Akinwale Oluwaseun in his session spoke about how he started a business at no cost or product, rather took advantage of the online platform which after 3 years still pays a lot. He stated 6 Tips to growing online businesses which were:

  • Take great and Unique photos which can show details of the displayed products
  • Tell a story for each product listing beyond just posting
  • Throw in a little something extra; for example, in a computer business, adding flash drives for customers
  • Clearly, state your company’s outline policies
  • Track Customers returns and complaint
  • Get your pricing right and be patient with yourself.

Mr. Babatola during his session spoke about Online Security and Principles. He advised that every business owner should hire a trusted web developer and also be careful about releasing their details to third-party.

Mr. Olabode from; discussed tips on how to sell successfully online. Among the tips were:

  • You need to make your research before selling
  • Product Listing was must be done in an innovative and creative way.
  • Track Customers’ complaints and requests.

After the Keynote Speakers’ session, the participants broke into various sessions just as it happened during Day2; featuring lots of companies as facilitators such as Paystacks, Jumia, myMusic among others.

The last day was more eventful as there were lots of gifts given out to participants through the raffle draw. The event was wrapped up with the participants going round to check each exhibition stands for either patronage or checkout.





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