In Africa, Less than 1% of people working as audio professionals (music producers, sound engineers, and the likes) are women.
Audio Girl Africa is helping to change that fact by making audio production accessible to girls of all ages, helping them fall in love with the process of music creation.
Are you a girl who hopes to be a music producer, sound engineer or would like to take up any professional career in the audio production field?
Kindly visit to register for any of our upcoming audio workshops.
By attending any of our workshops, you gain access to information, resources about audio production and also stand a chance to win a scholarship to further your study in any audio production career.
DATE: 23rd June 2018
TIME: 8:00 am
VENUE: Nustreams  Conference & Culture Centre, 110, Abeokuta Road Ibadan, Oyo 

Digital skills are now the most sought after by organizations all over the world, according to top employment and finance websites like

While Organizations are busy looking to train new employees and to retrain old ones in DIGITAL SKILLS why don’t you jump the queue by getting trained in Digital skills, enjoying the discount we provide at this time?

Digital skills are HIGH-INCOME SKILLS, that can make FINANCIALLY FULFILLED in no time whether you decide to stand alone as your own boss or to get employed by a top multinational.

These skills can not be overlooked by individual and employers alike and their importance cannot be overemphasized.

DATE: 20th June 2018

VENUE: PenylConsult Ltd, 94, Iwo Road, Opp Unity Bank, Jericho, Ibadan North East, Oyo State

TIME: 7:00 pm

Dr. Kemi Aremu has always been an ambassador of Christ and yet a Comrade. It is in the wealth of the experiences of these and more Vibrant Ambassadors of Christ that we are called upon to explore. The message for us is.. ‘Occupy till I come’. now is the time to charge ourselves and occupy the leadership positions in this Nation as we await the coming of our Lord Jesus
DATE: 23rd June 2018

 TIME: 8:00 am


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