The Home Advantage Conference is an event designed for young Nigerians with a passion for excellence, to network and dialog on how to contribute to the good of the Nigerian society. The aim of the conference is to secure the future and leave a good legacy for the coming generations.

members of the audience at the event

The event was first convened in 2015 by Seun Fakorede, a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, with  a view  to effecting positive change in the morals and mindset of young Nigerians. The central thesis of that particular assembly was the powerful phrase “conquer your locality, conquer the world”.

students of U.I. came in numbers to have fun and to be inspired

This year the Home Advantage Conference carried the theme: EVOLVE 2016. It took place at Faculty Of Social Sciences, University Of Ibadan, on Friday, September 16th, 2016 with a lot of reputable individuals on ground to inspire and motivate the young people in attendance. The event kicked off with an open discussion of the topic “The Role of Youth in Nigerian Politics”. It proved to be an insightful interactive session, as members of the audience took the opportunity to air their various views on the issue. Asiri Comedy came on next to crack the audience’s ribs and put the crowd in a good mood. After him the Initiator of the event, Seun Fakorede climbed the stage to give the conference’s opening speech and to share his story about how the Home Advantage event was conceived and  how it became a reality. He also discussed the journey of the Home Advantage Initiative so far and the dreams of the initiative for  the future.

Dayo Nigeria, 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow, talks about how his love of Nigeria drives him to impact lives
Dayo Nigeria, Mandela Washington Fellow, talks about how his love of Nigeria drives him to impact lives

 Muyiwa Babarinde of RED Media was on next, and his inspiring message about starting something new and meaningful  and also leveraging on social media to climb up the ladder of success stirred up the members of the audience. The atmosphere of the conference became even more charged up as Adebanke Ilori of KOWA political party came on stage to share  her experience on the topic of the interactive session “The Role of Youth in Nigerian Politics”. She eloquently spoke of what she has learnt from working with an alternative political party for young people and people who wish to challenge the status quo and to change the face of politics in Nigeria. L.O.L, an upcoming gospel musician, came up next and delivered  a thrilling performance that everyone  in attendance enjoyed.  Babatunmise, one of Ibadan’s top gospel music acts climbed  the stage to share his evolution and success in the gospel music industry as well as the  importance of role models in building one’s chosen career.

 The event got even more intense as amazing speakers like super cool OAP Deji Onadeko, Dayo Nigeria, 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow, Lanre Onasanya, of Aunty Lanre Initiative all shared their experiences about how the love of Nigeria and the people in it, drives them to impact positively on the lives of the people around them. Ace comedian G-jokes joined the ensemble of inspiring individuals to  thrill the audience with comedy. After the renown gospel comedian, Woli Arole came on stage with an inspirational and fiery speech about the role of passion, determination and focus in building whatever career one is interested in.

Lanre Onasanya, Initiator of Aunty Lanre Initiative talks about how she is using her passion for helping people to change lives
Woli Arole gospel comedian, talks about personal branding
Woli Arole gospel comedian, talks about personal branding

The event came to an end, much to the displeasure of the audience who were being inspired and having fun at the same time, with 9jARTituide, an artist/painter who wowed the crowd with his Fela painting which was done upside down in five minutes, after sharing his story about how he became a professional painter and talked about how he has managed to build a career as an artist and the amazing  projects that he is currently working on.

Members of The Audience at the event


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