One of the most enduring things in the world is technology. Man has been using technology since he became capable of reasoning, he still uses it and he would continue to use it to make his life easier. In the world we live in today, our lives have become wedded to the technologies around us.

As a business owner in Ibadan, you too can learn how to use technology to drive your business and to  actualize your dreams. At Ibadan Insider Techjam 2016 You will learn the state of Technology in Nigeria and the world generally, how technology can help you develop yourself and your brand and which technology opportunities are available in your area of interest.

To deliver the keynote address for Techjam2016 is Pastor Francis Madojemu

Pastor Francis E Madojemu is the Coordinator of The Bridge Network, is an Architect, a Businessman, Consultant for ReCLAIM Culture as well as the CEO of NuSTREAMS Concepts, owners of NuSTREAMS Conference & Culture Centre. He has worked in various other capacities as General Manager & Executive Director of Nuyi Knitting Industries Ltd from 1985 to 2000 and as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Wood & Things, Tops & Bottoms, since 1987. He founded Ideasbridge, a program for Human Resource Development which features, the Entrepreneur, Sound & Music, and Employment and Career Development Clinic, (ECDC) as well as Angels of the ER. He also started the Shut Up & Drive Initiative to combat the use of mobile phones while driving.

He is the founder of iBridge Hub, which is an inspiring contemporary open space where young entrepreneurs and innovators in the city of Ibadan can bring their ideas to reality.

And his latest project being The Patriots Network, a social enterprise platform for grooming Nigeria budding entrepreneurs and founders into  successful through funding, mentorship, training and networking.


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