The Convener of #NewNigeria, Fela Durotoye, Visits Ibadan


Fela Durotoye, who is the convener of the New Nigeria Campaign and also Presidental Aspirant for the year 2019 election; is set to visit Ibadan, today 6th of April, 2018.

His coming will be to Discuss, Educate and Share the Vision of #NewNigeria with the youths and people of Ibadan in general.

The event holds at Nustreams Conference&Culture Centre Mile 110 Abeokuta Road, Opp Alalubosa Estate G.R.A Extension Ibadan by 5pm today.

Volunteers are also needed to join the event for the day.

To volunteer, Click here 

According to one of his post on his official Instagram handle, he described how passionate he is about his country, Nigeria.

Read his post!

Your LIFE’S ASSIGNMENT is a passion that God puts in your heart that will never leave you even when you try to walk away from it.

Your real mission in life is not just a dream you catch when you sleep, it’s actually the dream that you catch that keeps sleep away from you. It’s more than a desire and truly must become more than a passion but an obsession that consumes you.

People ask me “How can I continue to love Nigeria through it all?” the answer is that my love for Nigeria is a gift from God. God has placed Nigeria deeply in my heart & I have only been privileged to discover the love, nurture it and find the purpose for that love through the many projects & platforms that I have been involved with.

And when people ask me what I’ll really love as a birthday gift, it would be for YOU to identify what area of Nigeria’s transformation you are responsible for, and then FIND YOUR PLACE, FILL YOUR SPACE & RUN YOUR RACE.

As I go into my 46th year, my prayer is that God would give you the ability to find the gift of love that He has placed in your heart and to empower you with a clarity of purpose for that love in your heart.
What I want from God as my 46th birthday present is that He would connect you with the right platforms for the love in your heart and guide you to the right projects that would help you fulfil the love in your heart.
Nigeria is in my heart… What’s in your heart?




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