The city of Ibadan, is home to a lot of beautiful, fun and interesting places to visit, as opposed to what you might have heard.Ibadan offers that quiet, peaceful and serene environment to relax and have fun.You don’t have to struggle and spend hours in hold up, to go do something fun or relaxing and then struggle to get home again. Besides the many clubs,bars and restaurants sprawled all over the city, there are other cool, fun and awesome places to visit in order to relax and unwind.So here are 4 cool places to visit in Ibadan.


Agodi Parks and Gardens is a serene environment on 150 acres of land.It is a truly wonderful place to be, for lovers of nature and greenery. There is a large sized swimming pool, a kiddies pool,a playground, water park, a zoo,and a really great restaurant.  Agodi Parks and Gardens creates that serene environment for relaxation, fun and more. So if you want to enjoy nature, want to have a picnic,or enjoy some swimming, propose to the love of your life or simply just chill and hang out, then Agodi Parks and Gardens is the place for you.

Agodi Parks and Gardens is located near Oyo State Secretariat Complex, Agodi, Ibadan.

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This is currently one of the biggest shopping malls in Nigeria. It is home to a cinema,several restaurants and fast food outlets,stores and more.Palms mall is your go to spot for all your shopping needs and also a great place to catch up with friends and hang out.Its modern and makes you feel like you are out of the country.

Palms Shopping Mall is located at the Corner Of Liberty Stadium Road & Express Road, Ibadan.

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Ventura is basically an entertainment center,it has an arcade where you can enjoy a variety of fun games and even a bowling alley (yup!, you read right). It is also home to Film House Cinemas and Fast Food Courts.Ventura is the go-to place for Games and Fun.

Ventura Mall is located at Sanmoda,towards UI-Ojoo road Ibadan.

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If you are a lover of golf, this is a great place to visit. termed as one of the best golf course in Nigeria.The golf course is a beautifully laid-out 9/18-hole course set in the grounds of IITA.Each hole is very different thanks to the wonderful design of allowing the natural beauty of the trees and landscape to run alongside each hole.Pretty cool right?

The clubhouse (Cappa Bar) is a quite pleasant 19th hole where you can relax and unwind, drink and eat after your game. Wednesday night is Suya Night.

The Cappa bar also has a squash court and showers. It can also be hired out for functions, parties or meetings. According to their website, lessons can be booked to teach a beginner to play golf, with clubs and balls supplied.

It is located inside the International Institute Of Tropical Agriculture (IITA),Oyo Road Ibadan.

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So you heard there are no cool places in Ibadan?, well you heard wrong.Visit any of these awesome places and thank us later!

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