This wonderful event commenced on Thursday, August 10th and ended Saturday, August 12th, at Trans Amusement Park, Bodija Ibadan. It hosted a lot of local businesses displaying their phenomenal made-in-Nigeria products. It was really nice to see the effort put in by these businesses to uphold Nigerian made products, they proved to us that buying imported goods is not always the best option when searching for quality products.

We met with the organiser, Mrs Josie Kolade to give us more insight into the event.


What is the aim of this event?

It is to promote our local products and an avenue for people to appreciate local businesses as well as providing encouragement for them. It is set out to build focus on items produced here in Nigeria, we do not have to buy imported goods most of the time.


What inspired you to organise this event?

Basically, I have a passion for local products and I’m also into production of shoes and bags using aso-oke. So I thought, I could do more, why don’t I come up with a team to produce something different that could also help the youths. I wanted to show that there is creativity in Nigeria, there are a lot of things we can do with our own hands, sell and even export.


Is this event just for Ibadan?

Of course not. It is going to be a continuous thing; we intend on going round Nigeria. We are starting from Oyo state, this is our second edition and we have something coming up this December, so from next year we would focus properly on other states. But we still have other things we would be organising for Ibadan on a monthly or yearly basis, just to keep Ibadan going..

    The exhibitors were really enticing and displayed their goods beautifully. The ones present on day-2 when we were there:

  • House of Precious
  • I-doll
  • Chef josh
  • FBC Beauty
  • Tifera beads and aso-oke
  • House of Movedi
  • Mella C
  • 360 fruit and more
  • Zenith couture
  • Sara’s events
  • Gracified Couture
  • Tiwa Craft
  • dressMYcloset

    We talked with some of them to get to know more about their products.


FBC Beauty

FBC Beauty, owned by Fakeyi Kola, sells cosmetic products and offer make-up services. This is Kola’s personal brand and she and her team offer the one of the best products and services in Ibadan. “This brand is one of a kind as you will not find anything like it anywhere”, Kola stated.


360 fruit and more

Speaking of creativity, Oyinsola Pelumi proved to us that there is more to fruit than just washing and eating them. She calls it fruit art and explained the different things we could use fruit to do like smoothies, fruit tree, fruit dessert table, dressed fruit juice. She also talked about their apple cup, which is an apple cut in to a beautiful shape with a groove in the middle filled with different fruits and a lid to cover it. They make these wonderful delicacies for weddings, birthdays, meetings any event at all. You should try out their signature fruit smoothies and their fruit parfait.

House of Movedi

Popoola Tijesunimi, the creative director of House of Movedi, briefed us on their goods and services. They sell all kinds of clothes corporate, casual, for both male and female. House of Movedi is really one of a kind as they put customer’s interest before business profit, they sell to customers, clothes that are suitable for their body shape or what looks good on them. They style customers for different occasions, sew clothes based on customers’ design and also revamp clothes, Tijesunimi showed us some of their designs which included jean shorts and trousers styled with Ankara.

Chef Josh

Chef josh specializes in afro continental dishes; he also does other variety of dishes. For the day-2 he prepared his signature shawarma which has cheese in it.


Pamela Adamma, the founder of Mella_C , makes bags and designs accessories using Ankara. She showed us a few of her products wrist watch straps, note books, bags. Check two of her most beautiful bag styles; The Cara knapsack and The Kiki bag.


I-doll Couture

Fadare Jumoke explains that I-doll couture is a brand just for females. They are known for African prints, using them to do contemporary designs on clothes. They also do bridals and casual without African prints. They do ready to wear and you can also call in to have your own design sewn for you.

House of Precious

Mrs Adesina Precious deals in all brands of jewellery. Houses of Precious assures genuine products and offer affordable prices in the range of 500 naira – 25,000 naira.

Sara’s events

Mrs Feyisara Owolade, offers catering services both outdoor and indoor. Sara’s events also does aso-ebi, small chops, cocktail drinks and event decorations. It is also ideal for customers who do not want to get involved with the organisation of an event, they take care of this, providing ushers, the venue, e.t.c . She will be launching her canteen by the end of August at Mokola roundabout, where you get to eat amazing dishes with delicious tastes you have never experienced before.

Having seen all these, we can say that Ibadan business sector is taking shape and in years to come certain products might no longer be imported.



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