Hey Everyone,

New to cosmetics? Confused about where to start your own makeup routine, especially what products to get?

Absolutely, the Beauty market is rich, with thousands of products from various brands on the cosmetic shelves, however knowing what to get first can ease the first stress and from there you can get to try various brands till you get your perfect match.

It is important, you understand that you don’t have to waste so much money trying to purchase various products, or unnecessary items, some beauty shops offer to help with skin match before purchase.

Here is a checklist of essential Makeup products to start with and what each does:

  • Moisturer and Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Brow pencil
  • Blush/Bronzer Duo
  • Eye shadow palette
  • Lipstick and Gloss
  • Highlighter
  • Finishing Powder
  • Makeup Brush Set

MOSITURER AND PRIMER: Great makeup begins with great skincare. Moisturer and primer help to prep the skin, giving a flawless base that keep the makeup in place all day.

FOUNDATION: One basic makeup essential for everyone is Foundation, it creates a perfect base for other products. This comes in liquid or stick type


CONCEALER: This product helps to conceal blemishes like pimple, burns. Concealer also helps to awaken the under eyes

EYELINER AND MASCARA:  Eyeliner is important for every moment to kick start makeup routine, they come in various forms too. Mascara helps to keep your brows in shape and colours; black goes any day.



BROW PENCIL: Brows are an essential to making any makeup, whether minimal or dramatic, look its best. You sure don’t want to skip this in your daily routine. Eye brow pencil also come in different shades but preferably dark brown and not black for dark skins.

BLUSH/BRONZER DUO: Blush and bronzer are an important makeup basics as both add life and color to your skin. Using a compact that has both a blush and a bronzer is helpful, keeping your makeup kit minimal and easy for every day use.

EYE SHADOW PALETTE: Just like a colour palette for an artist, so also is the eye shadow palette. It gives you the choice of matching colour for your outfit. However, Nude Colour palette goes for any attire, so is advisable you get also.


LIPSTICK AND GLOSS: This is an important basic makeup essential, comes in different shades and colors but it suggested to have two basic type; pink and red  you can also add nude as it’s the latest rock for the ladies.

HIGHTLIGHTER:  For soft, illuminated, and glowing skin, a highlighter will do the trick. It’s one of the best beauty tips for any makeup beginner.

FINISHING POWDER:This helps to set all the make-up basics, it could be loose or cake type.

MAKEUP BRUSH SET: Brushes are tricky but you need the right brush to have the best look. Getting good brushes is an investment, as it gets to last longer




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