When it comes to socks most men aren’t that concerned. Though they may seem to be a minor component of an outfit, socks aren’t.


In the 1990s, options for socks were limited to black crew socks and white gym socks. With limited options, taste and discernment didn’t matter much.

Today, however, socks are more often seen as an accessory on the same level with cufflinks, ties, wristwatches, rather than just a piece of material to cushion your feet.


The cut, colour, pattern and fabric are all essential things to look out for when picking your socks.

Today, we’ll focus on colour as an essential factor when picking your socks.


There are a few rules and regulations when it comes to matching your socks’ colour with your attire.

The fashion rule is that your sock should match or very closely match the colour of your trousers. On the other hand, twisting and exploring various fashion rules might guarantee much fun when matching your socks with your wears.

Let’s explore various ways to pair socks with different outfits while twisting the fashion rule for wearing socks.

When wearing a suit.

When wearing a suit, your choice for your sock should be dictated by your environment and your dress code. If you are in a “professional dress code” or “attending a funeral”, you should absolutely obey the fashion rule by matching the colour of your socks to the colour of your trousers.

On the other hand, if you are going on a date or wearing a suit to hang out with friends an a weekend, you can match your sock with another part of your outfit such as your shirt or tie.

Before we move on, there is one extremely important thing to take note of; when wearing a suit, it is imperative that your socks are lengthy enough to keep your legs covered while your are standing as well as when sitting.


When wearing jeans

Jeans give room for bending, twisting and wiggling around the rule when it comes to your socks. You can stick to wearing the same colour socks as your jeans but the casual nature of jEans gives you room to wear basically anything when it comes to socks.

Consider coordinating with any other item of clothing like your shirt, sweater or tie by mirroring one or more of the colours.


When wearing shorts

That’s an outright No! No!
Under no circumstances should you rock the socks-with-sneakers-and-shorts look!
If you are wearing shorts and you want to wear socks probably because of your feet, they should be no-show socks.

The only exception to this is if you live in Bermuda and are wearing the national costume of Bermuda shorts, shirts & tie, blazer and drees shoes with “almost-touching-the-knee-length” socks.


Matching your socks with your shoes

You should not match your socks with your shoes! It is better to match socks to trousers instead of shoes because matching them to shoes will produce a “boot-like appearance” when you aren’t wearing a boot thereby distorting your whole look

Of course, when your shoe happens to match your trousers, you can match you socks to your shoes.



Matching your socks with your shirts

Matching your socks with your shirts and other clothing accessories like your tie, pocket square is another thing you can do to add some liveliness to your outfit.

However, you must have extensive knowledge on complementary and monochromatic colour schemes to pull this trick as matching here really means “coordinating”.
The colour of your shirt must not be exactly the same shade as your socks but must complement the colour tone. A well suited example is NOT wearing deep purple socks with deep puple shirt or tie. A better choice would be electric blue socks with navy shirt or yellow socks with green dots paired with forest green tie.


In the next part, we would be discussing pattern and fabric as an essential factor when choosing your socks. Stay tuned!


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