Hey guys! Welcome back to men’s corner. We would be concluding the discussion on socks as an essential part of men’s dressing today. I hope you’ve already started applying those tips to your day-to-day dressing.


Today, we will be discussing fabric as an important factor when picking your socks.

Keep in mind that just about every pair of socks available on the market today will have some kind of stretchy material in its fabrication; Lycra, Spandex, or something of that nature.



Cotton socks are the most common type of socks around. Thin cotton ones make for great formal socks while thick ones make for great casual socks. While cotton is breathable, it has a low moisture absorption rate (only 8% of its weight), so it can get soaked through easily in chilly weather.



Wool socks have a comfortable feel and are excellent at keeping feet warm. Wool is breathable and can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture, so you can be sure that your feet will stay dry under most conditions.

As an aside, there’s no feeling quite so indulging as having your feet cushioned by cashmere all day long. You can try it out sometime.



Silk socks are generally assigned to the world of black and white tie outfits. They are elegant and comfortable, but they’re expensive and have to be washed delicately. Most men have few pairs that they wear for formal events they have to attend.


Finally, let’s discuss the different types of socks and when (and when NOT!) to wear them


No-Show Socks

No-show socks came on the scene for men over a decade ago. Originally only available in white and black, they’re now available in as wide a range of colours and patterns as regular socks.

No-show (Invisible) socks should cover the soles of your feet, your toes, and the below your calf muscle, but not much more. The whole point is to be able to wear them with any shoe and still appear to not be wearing socks.

These are an excellent option for warm weather and work with shorts and jeans. There is much debate over whether or not these are appropriate with suits. My opinion is that you should be abe to make that decision based on who your audience is going to be and the environment you plan to be in.

Athletic Socks

Athletic socks are completely appropriate for athletic endeavors.

Typically hitting just above the ankle, their colors tend to be limited to white, black, grey, navy, or combinations thereof.

Do not wear athletic socks with dress clothing.

Men’s Fashion Socks

Bold fashion socks have been in vogue for years now. Anything goes here: rainbow camouflage, multi-colored stripes, bold dots, polka dots, just mention it.

They’re available in a wide variety of materials and lengths too, so you can always find something to suit your needs.


You’ll want to be careful about pairing these with your outfits. This isn’t to discourage you in any way, but rather to point to the fact that you’ll look your best when you’re thoughtful about these kinds of socks.

Either pair them strategically with another part of your outfit, or wear a simple, monochromatic outfit and have your socks be the pop of color and / or pattern you need.


Dress Socks


Dress socks are really the only appropriate socks for wearing a suit in a more formal environment. If you’re in government, law, or any another conservative industry, you’ll want many of these socks.

The only colors you’ll likely ever need are grey, navy, black, and perhaps brown. Grey and navy are even a part of the “must haves” in your wardrobe.

As we mentioned above, make sure that these are long enough to cover your legs even when seated.

Crew Socks

As it relates to socks, the word “crew” is an indicator of length. Specifically, it refers to any sock that hits at approximately mid-calf. Crew socks are made in all different styles and are perfectly appropriate for more casual applications such as denim, chinos, and even jackets and trousers.


Your socks could be seen as a minor detail, but minor things often carry major importance. I hope this guide has been helpful to you and your style.


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