Wearing clothes is one thing we do every day,so it’s only reasonable that we have some tricks and tips up our sleeves.So here are top tricks to keep you slay and fabulous.


1.  Did you spill something on your cloth? Blot! don’t rub. Wiping or rubbing will actually further ingrain the stain into the weave of your cloth.

2. So you are at a store and don’t want to try out a dress,but still want to see where the hem will hit you. Align the shoulder seam exactly with your shoulder bone (not your collarbone).

3. White clothes always look more see-through in daylight than other colors.So make sure you check yourself out where there is bright light before heading out.

4. You are not sure if a cloth is of good quality? check out the garments lining, this is a good way to judge the quality of any cloth.A well-crafted lining is a sign that the whole cloth has been well put together

5. Everyday bras should be replaced every three to six months, as that’s when they start to lose elasticity and support, and it’s not because it’s not original.Because of the continuous wear bras begin to loose their elasticity after 3-6months.

6. Bright accessories are the way to go,if your wardrobe is filled with darks and neutrals.Thy can totally change the whole look of your outfits.

7. Want longer looking legs? wear nude pumps in the color of your skin tone.they give the illusion that your legs extends a few extra inches.

8. Got a lipstick stain on your cloth? spray hairspray on it and watch it go away.

9. When you’re shopping for a jacket or blazer, pay attention to how they fit around the shoulders.a tailor can alter almost everything about the fit of a jacket but they can’t change the shoulders. Make sure the seams fit perfectly at the bony tops of your shoulders.

10. Always pair loose with tight.if you are wearing something loose, pair it with something tight, to avoid looking bloated. for example, you can pair your tunic with leggings.



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