So its a new year(like duh!) and of course new trends and fashion statements to rock, I’m sure you are wondering whats in for this year and whats out?Well lets take a few minutes to reminisce about last years fashion.

We started off the year with the infamous Cold Shoulders, which was completely abused by the way.Many ladies took the off shoulders too literally, with tube tops impersonating off shoulders.

Spoiler Alert:Cold shoulder is officially out for this year, which is a relief, because we have been there, rocked it and now totally over it.So if you are planning to invest in another pair of cold shoulder, don’t do it!

Then along came the extremely long and sleeveless jackets and then the high-low tops in different versions and styles.Then next was the waterfall jackets with their beautiful draped or ruffled lapels,which were not so popular in the city(i wonder why)

We also had the beautiful fringe shoes and bags,the shirt or button down dresses(which are a wardrobe staple by the way).Then along came the pleated skirts and of course the ripped and distressed jeans continued, but was a bit tamer(Thank God).Then the cold shoulders were a bit tamed to the cut out shoulders, which was extremely beautiful and classy.

So, yeah 2016 was interesting, but what about 2017?Well lets take a look at what the fashion experts say will be the bangers of this year.

KHAKIS:The new Jeans!

Yes!no more ripped jeans, the classy and beautiful khakis is making a comeback.I especially love khakis because of their versatility,taking us from work,to casual and a classy or fun night out.This will be a fresh new look to rock this season.The chinos could be a better option if you want something more lightweight.


Platform Heels

The chunky and bold platform heels are replacing the beautiful stilettos sandals, this means a much more comfortable lift this season.

fashion gone rogue

Sneakers Stay!

Sneakers are here to stay,the sneakers on everything combo still continues.We have tasted the convenience and versatility of this beauties and we are not going back.













Slogan T-Shirts

If the city embraces this trend, then this year will be a bountiful year for the graphic designers and those in the business of customizing t-shirts.People will be wearing their beliefs, values and making a statement with their T-shirts.

Strong Shoulders

Yes! the shoulders have been revived, they are no longer cold but Strong.This according to allure magazine,is  supposed to feature “voluminous sleeves and architectural shoulder pads reminiscent of the ’80s.” Will the slayers of the city embrace this? well we shall see.



Novelty Bags/Phone Cases?

Well, according to the fashion experts, you have been relieved of the burden of carrying a huge bag around.With a novelty bag, all you need is your phone, keys and some cash/debit card.The novelty bags have been around since last year, they come in different quirky, fun and weird shapes and colors.Will you leave your big bag with all your various  and forgotten items  at home and go simpler his year?

Statement Earrings

According to vogue magazine “Some trends are forever—or at least for several years, Such is the case for statement earrings, which arrived on Céline’s Fall 2014 runway and continued to dominate the Spring 2017 shows”.It seems the statement earrings have been long forgotten in this city and the country as a whole,as people have favored the tinier earrings.Well, its time for a change, make a statement this year with shoulder long earrings.


This is said to be the new ‘IT’ color for the season, which is really exciting as it happens to be my favorite color. As much as many people seem to think its for little girls, you will be amazed at many shades of pink out there that are extremely classy and will definitely make you look like a slaying woman.


Its no doubt that not all the trends featured here,will actually be embraced by the city, but instead of all huddling towards 1 or 2 trends this year, lets be much more versatile and unique with the beautiful trends out there.2017 is going to be another slayful year of fashion and hopefully a new cool word apart from “slay” will be invented.









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