In years past, it might have been acceptable for a man to leave the house looking as if he just rolled out of bed. However, in today’s world men are expected to present themselves with clean style and confidence. Here are some tips for self-grooming:

Skin Care Is Very Important

It is important to start each day off with a shower, using a soap or a body wash. Finding the right body cream that suits your skin is not negotiable either if you don’t want a dry, dull-looking or even peeling skin.

Smell Good, Really Good

In addition, the well groomed man should use an antiperspirant deodorant, to avoid sweat and body odour. We all know how hot Ibadan is at this time of the year. It is only good manners to smell good, and you’re never fully dressed without perfume.

Clean Nails

Most men do not take care of their nails. Manicure treatments are not only for the womenfolk, guys. Clean and trimmed fingernails make a very
positive first impression. It is vital that you do not chew on your nails or cuticles as this is an unhygienic habit that will leave your nails looking unkempt.

With a proper grooming regimen, any man can look as if he just stepped out of an expensive spa.


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