Product: Hair Care

Name:  Dark and lovely Corrective leave-in conditioning therapy

Price Range: N1200 – N1500.

Where It can be Found: all standard hair care product shops

Rating: 4 stars

I have been keeping my natural hair for about 2 years now. However, I  recently became frustrated with keeping it, because I could not take the pain that comes with the combing my hair anymore.  My hair broke every time I comb it; in fact, I experience headaches most times after combing. It was that bad and I was fed up. So, I decided to relax it.

It was a Saturday. I had bought a relaxer on my way to the salon to get rid of the so-called natural hair. However, my decision changed when I got to the salon.  My hairdresser was surprised I wanted to relax it because she is aware of how much I love keeping natural hair. I narrated my ordeal with the hair to her and she advised me not to relax it. She recommended Dark and Lovely Corrective leave-in conditioning therapy to me. I said to myself; “e be like say some witches are using this woman o, I say hair dey give me  headache, she dey narrate adverts for the gods for me”

Frankly speaking, I was not convinced. in fact,  I was not even ready to give it a try because I had used Shea Butter, Coconut oil and so many other treatments. So, I was not even motivated to search for it. She, however, convinced me that it would help soften my hair, reduce breakage and blah blah.

After going back and forth, I decided to buy the product. That was the best decision I ever made for my hair. Sincerely, Dark and Lovely Corrective Leave-in conditioning Therapy has been my hair saviour since then. No more tangles; no more breakage; and no more headaches. The product has really delivered its promises.  Therefore I give this product 4 stars

The product comes in the big sized bottle which is the 500ml as I have, as well as, smaller bottles of 250ml. Yes, it is a very big bottle and hard to carry around when I travel but I need this product so much I have absolutely no problem in transferring the amount I need into a smaller bottle to take with me on my journeys.

The product is pale pink almost white in colour. It helps to remove any tangles which may have formed in your hair, it softens your hair and helps to remove dryness from your hair. It also helps to prevent split ends. In general, it does everything a normal conditioner would. The best thing being that it does not have to be washed out which means it has more time to do its work.

If you ask me, though, the packaging of the product is cool, the colour is cool too, but the container is big and the name is just too long.  “I want to buy Dark and Lovely Corrective Leave-in Conditioning therapy” sounds rather long to me. Well, that’s not my business anyway.

Depending on where you live, the price of this product ranges from N1200 – N1500. I bought mine N1300 though after so much bargaining…lol. Now considering what it does and that it lasts a couple of months {time of use depends on your hair type and how much you use} I do not think it is expensive as it has been a life saver for me.

It does not matter if your hair is natural or not, you should  try this product if you want a softer, shiny and tangle free hair.



  1. i love this write up, can boys use this too. i love growing my hair; but after a period of time, it causes headaches due to regular combing of a dry and stiff hair i have. could this be solution to mine as yours

    • Thank you Lekan.
      To soften your hair and minimize difficulties while combing, you can apply this product before combing and you are good to go.

      Just apply the product when you want to comb your hair and you will be surprsed at how easy your comb will ride through your hair.

  2. Honestly this product is the best! I have just started using it and believe me my natural hair is a soft as though it is relax. I’m even scared that it makes my hair too soft

  3. I just had my big chop. I’ve been looking for a leave in conditioner that will soften my hair I’ve tried alot of conditioners but my hair still remains strong like stone. ND for that reason Cant curl. Should I go ahead and use????


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