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Varieties Of Nice Ankara You Can Get From @Amoke_Alasoebi

Yoruba parties are known all over the world for lots of good  food  and fancy uniform attires usually worn by members of the celebrating family and their friends which is aptly named  “Aso-Ebi”. The Aso-Ebi worn by guests at any event gives sense of belonging to both celebrant and guests, also it  is a symbol of relevance and closeness to the celebrant.

Today  We are joined by @Amoke_Alasoebi, a clothes seller who specializes in sales of Aso-Ebi in Ibadan.  “It is a core and important part of any event planning as you get to face the reality of choosing among beautiful varieties, colours and textures. At this point, the help of an Aso-Ebi specialist is required” She states,  as she shows us  different Aso-Ebi materials from her store at Felele, Ibadan.

@Amoke_Alasoebi 4




. @Amoke_Alasoebi 1

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@Amoke_Alasoebi 3

Instagram: @Amoke_Alasoebi  and FaceBook: Amoke Alasoebi


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  1. Amoke

    August 14, 2016 at 7:20 am

    Thanks so much ….God bless you @ibadaninsider

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