Hello guys! My name is Eunice. My hobbies are reading, sleeping and trying out new foods but I don’t really like cooking! Quite funny right? Don’t mind me!


So, I’m on a journey trying out different restaurants in Ibadan to know where “obe ti dun” and to ensure I don’t go hungry since I don’t like cooking.

Keep up with me as I go on this exciting journey!


I picked Paris Bakery as my first port of call. Their billboard with all the tasty shawarma, cakes, bread (did I mention my favourite food is bread!) has been giving me hunger pangs for the past 3 months as I go to work.


So, with my debit card in hand and tummy empty, I took a bike to  Adeoyo Junction, MKO Abiola Way and alighted in front of Paris Bakery.


The cool and relaxed ambience and friendly doorman who welcomed me with a smile created a nice first impression not to talk of the air conditioner on full-blast almost giving me the chills all had me smiling within minutes of entering the restaurant despite the hunger pangs!




Getting in, I was informed that you have to pay then head over to the kitchen to give them the receipt before they make your meal. I was stuck as I didn’t even know what to eat. I was handed a menu.



I decided to ignore the menu and just ordered ice-cream and cupcake. I sat down and after about 10 minutes, I was served my order. I didn’t have to go pick it myself. That was cool
The ice-cream was a WOW! but the cupcake was a little bit dry and there was no topping.



I was alone at the table but later two others joined me with mouth-watering orders



I had to tear my gaze away from their meal and force down mine. It was delicious! Just wished I had gone for a more elaborate meal so I decided to get a takeout. Calories ehn!


After my humble meal, I decided to get a takeout so I moved to the counter


I finally got fries and chicken, sausage and ice cream. I was surprised when I saw the bill; it was less than N5,000. Eat in plus take out! That was very affordable.


I couldn’t leave without checking out the mini store. With a lot of sweets, chocolates, candies, biscuits and toys; it was the ultimate stop for children and parents.


One thing I wasn’t so happy about was that they stock shisha in all flavors; that made me skeptical about bringing children to the mini-store but overall the mini-store was a goal!



Take it from a food lover, Paris Bakery is a place to visit in Ibadan. Keep up as I visit more restaurants in the city of Ibadan.

Up next…hmmmn…I think I’d love to try out Ultima Restuarant..

See you then!



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