Hello Ibadan,

Enter any Buka for Ibadan, I mean the real buka not the tush eateries, you sure to have Amala and Ewedu prepared first before other menu list like rice, porridge, beans etc. The origin of this Amala and Ewedu likeness is not fully grasped but no Ibadan party lacks this complete menu.

Amala can either be made from the unripe plantain or Yam tubers, the two actually goes for any Ibadan person while ewedu is prepared from the ewedu leaves sold in any of the markets in town.

This Amala and Ewedu can be a mystery especially if you haven’t seen anyone prepare it before you, the delicacy makes one’s day any time, it goes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

When you talk about how balanced the menu is, no doubt the 100% balanced diet.

Not to bore your appetite, take a look at the step-by-step preparation of the menu:

For Amala:

Having gotten the flour based on your type preference, boil a considerable amount of water.

Immediately you can notice the vapour right from the water, then you are good to go

The amount water boiled determines the amount of yam/plantain flour to use, add gently into the water and keep stirring to avoid lump.

To ensure proper mix, you can bring it down from fire; after which, add some water basically hot water to the amala mixture.

Put back on fire for proper cooking and then stir after 3-5 minutes

You sure, should have a good looking Amala mix

Check this Appearance



For Ewedu

Here are the things needed

-Ewedu leaves


-Ground Egusi (Based on preference)

-Iru (Locust beans)



Pick the ewedu leaves not with the stalk, wash properly with clean water

Add enough water that can cook the ewedu inside your desired pot together with potash; which must be a considerable amount to avoid browning of the ewedu

While the water is boiled, add the ewedu leaves and allow steaming for the leaves softening (Although, some people prefers to blend with a blender which might not need the use of a potash)

After seeing the leaves softening, use the ewedu  whisker (Oh, some people do you a special ewedu broom) to whisk the leaves till you can see the leaves are reduced into small pieces

Add Salt, crayfish, Iru and also your ground egusi (if preferred), then allow to steam together.


Oh…You got the  steps, then you are ready for the Fun


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