Taking risk is a great deal for most people. The fear of failure, losing money or resources, prevent many from taking risk. Human nature is such that we want to be sure of the end from the beginning before embarking on an endeavour, as fear of the unknown worries us.


Sorry dear reader, you are not God! Only God knows the end from the beginning. Know today that every activity in life is all about taking risk because no man knows what will happen in the next second. The fact that you stepped out of your house in the morning is a great risk because you only hope to be back home, as you are not certain if you will.



Someone said, “To get profit without risk, experience without danger, and reward without work, is as impossible as it is to live without being born”. That’s it. We never know what can happen unless we take a chance, until and unless one takes risk in life one can never get to know his/her true potential(s).

Taking risk is very challenging and profitable. Yes, you will lose and gain, but no matter the outcome, it is to your own benefit, why?  Gain makes you happy, as loss make you wiser. However, you will gain more when you are persistent and not discouraged. Taking risk shows confidence in ones self. Once a risk is taken, it will be on your mind and so you would strive to make it work some way or the other.

The most important thing you must do as a risk taker is to have control over your emotions. Don’t let worries of losing money fill your heart but instead be positive, think of actions you can take to gain more, but if per adventure you lose, let it go and try again. Know that if you lose today you will gain more tomorrow. Only quitters lose totally in risk taking. Just be consistent and calculative, then you will smile at the end.

Those young great achievers you are looking up to are testimonies of risk taking and consistency.
Please take risk(s)! It is very essential for you to gain financial freedom in life as there is no reward without risk.


Till next time, growth is life, endeavor to grow daily, #GrowWithBolanle


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