A personal strategic plan is a written plan that provides a basis for decision-making and standards by which to live. Having a personal strategic plan helps individual to maintain balance and be more effective in each area of life. You will agree with me that a person who combines responsibilities as a parent, spouse, friend, in- law, business partner, employer, landlord, President of Association, Religious Leader and so on, needs proper life planning to understand where to put more or less attention and energy, how to balance the different aspects of life, how to know when plans are been derailed and how to take corrective steps in time.


The reason why people struggle to have a balanced life especially in meeting up with responsibilities and achieving desired goals is due to the fact that they do not have a written goal and set out plans to making it a fruition.

For instance, Imagine asking a person looking for employment the kind of job he/she wants, and his/her response is “any job is fine as long as the pay is good”. Such a person cannot get a satisfying job in time or may end up being laid off within a short time of employment for being ineffective. Why? each job has its own fundamental principles and skills which an employee must possess to perform effectively.

However, if such person has specifically identified the kind of job he wants, sat down to identify the skills required to be a master in that field, planned and found means to acquire those skills he/she lacks, by the time he/she is done and apply for such job, it will be a win – win situation.

Creating a personal strategic plan is a powerful exercise in taking leadership of ones life. It is a written plan, prepared to achieve a set goal over a specific period of time, depending on the individual’s vision and must be reviewed at regular interval.

However, I will recommend that it should be prepared at the beginning of every year, and reviewed monthly to check if one is still on track and make amends where necessary. Note that this is different from new year resolution, which most people have but never followed. It is a written plan that cut across all areas of life.

A Strategic Plan must have four key parts:

1. Vision of the future: This is what you see yourself become or must have achieved in a speculated period of time. It is who you want to be, framed in one sentence. Note that vision must be specific and has time frame, otherwise, such vision is vague. A vague vision for instance is “To become a successful business man”- be successful in what kind of business? At what year do you want to achieve this success?
Example of a good vision is this “To be the most sort after fashion designer in the city of Ibadan by 2020”
Putting time frame guides decisions making.


2. Strategies for achieving that vision: These are the identified means of achieving this vision. Considering the good vision above, the strategies for achieving the vision may be:
i. Learn how to sew
ii. Get sewing machines
iii. Sew nice style for myself as means of showcasing my skills
iv. Make money through sewing for friends and family, and referrals from them.
v. Expand my sewing business.


3. An Action Plan for implementing those strategies: They are steps that must be strictly taken to implement those strategies
i. Learn how to sew
Action Plan– Enroll in a fashion school in November and learn sewing for the next 1 year I.e. by Oct 2018 I should be done.

ii. Get sewing machines
Action Plan– Work hard to get one sewing machines 6 months into my training and at least one more after my training. By October 2018 I should have two sewing machines.

iii. Sew nice style for myself
Action Plan– Invest in buying materials and sewing one new style for myself every week to showcase my work and gain customers

iv. Make money through sewing for friends and family, and referrals from them.
Action Plan: Begin to sew for my friends and family at a discounted rate.
Get more customers through them from referrals and recommendations.
Save 70% of the profits I make on each transaction to get more machines.

v. Expand my sewing business.


Action Plan: Create Social Media Awareness for my business
Register my business name officially by March 2019
Start home delivery by April 2019
Get customized packaging bags for my work
Get models for my products
Organize training sessions for upcoming fashion designers
Get a work shop in an area suitable for my business in Oct 2019.
Start my own fashion school by January 2020.


4. A Contingency Plan: This is the plan made for unforeseen occurrence, that may slow down achieving the set vision. Following the vision above, provision for contingency maybe:
If I’m not able to raise enough capital to get my machines, I shall work for few months as a stylist in a fashion school to make more money.

The above is just a brief illustration of what the career aspect of a strategic life plan looks like, it must also be done for other areas of life such as spiritual, family, relationship, etc. The most important thing is that it must be written, place it where it will be seen every day, and must be reviewed at regular interval to keep track of the set vision.
Make sure you draw a strategic life plan today, it is very essential in making your dream a reality.

Till next time, growth is life, endeavor to grow daily, #GrowWithBolanle.


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