Hi friend, I’m Bolanle, a young lady with the thirst for daily intellectual and mental growth. I will like to share with you series of articles every week on how to improve your mental and intellectual growth. In this article I will like to throw more light on the word “Growth”.


Growing simply means becoming bigger in size, number, value or strength. Growth is attached to living things, anything that is not growing is definitely not living. There are two form of growth in human, one happens naturally, and the other can only happen by choice. I call them Uncontrollable growth and Controllable growth and these growth are independent of each other.


Uncontrollable growth is the physical growth that occurs in all human everyday from birth to death, nobody has power over it, you can’t determine your height, the size of your head, your body shape, how beautiful, handsome or ugly you will look… Lol, whether you stay indoor always or you are always out, whether you go to school or not, you must grow physical as long as you are eating. That’s God’s work not yours.


Controllable growth on the other hand is the metal and intellectual growth in human. Intellectual growth is all about learning. It is about how you organise your ideas and thoughts to make sense of the world you live in. In Michael Bassey Johnson’s words, “Intellectual growth is when you surpass the barrier of puerility, puzzling people with your dazzling creativity”.

However, the most interesting thing about this form of growth is that, it shows the difference between the successful people and the unsuccessful people and funny enough, It’s all about your own choice. George Eliot said “The strongest principle of growth lies in the human choice”. You may choose to acquire knowledge and skills or not, you may choose to read books or not, you may choose to improve on your intellectual capacity or not, you may choose to be a master in your chosen career or not….

Do you know that your level of controllable (intellectual) growth is not a function of your uncontrollable (physical) growth? You are the determinant of how well you can use your brain… Stay tuned to this www.ibadaninsider.com/grow-with-bolanle every Monday at noon for week in week out growth lessons.


Growth is life. Endeavor to grow daily. #growwithbolanle


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