Saving simply means putting aside money today for use in  future. It means keeping a fixed percentage of your income for future use. I remember while in primary school, I used to have a box where I keep money given to me by visitors. The box is sealed, so that I won’t be tempted to take out of the money, it only had a small opening on top, through which the money went inside. When the year is about to end, I will break the box and then begin to count my savings, the feeling of being rich was sweet then……. Lol


That’s just what saving implies, you spend less than what you earn today to have more in future. The safest place to keep money now is the bank because of the level of insecurity in our society.
Investing is taking a step further than saving. Investing means putting your money to work to potentially earn a better return over the longer term. Investment involves forgoing money today in anticipation of greater profit in the future. It involves a higher risk than saving. It’s possible to lose all the capital invested, while it’s also possible to gain continually

Saving money in the bank, when compared to investing the money, is safe, the money is easily accessible, and there is less risk of losing such money, this is the reason why many people prefer to save rather than to invest.
But here is a fact I want to establish to you my readers today, though it is good to save, but it is better to invest the savings! Anyone aspiring to be great must learn to invest and practice investment because it is the only tool that can multiply one’s income not saving! Note the word “multiply”.

Savings will increase your income in arithmetic progression, but Investment will multiply your income in geometric progression. Note that your income is not increasing if it’s growing in arithmetic progression, it is only increasing when it is growing in geometric progression!!!

Savings only increase that quantity of the money, it does not increase the purchasing power. You will agree with me that what 100, 000 naira could buy last year is more than what it can buy now. The value of money depreciates over time.

Saving your money may seems to be safe and secure, but if peradventure the savings is lost in the case of theft or robbery, it is difficult and will take a long time to save such an amount again. Whereas if an investor loses all his capital in an investment, it is possible for such to venture into another investment and still make more profit.

The benefit derived from saving money is for a very short while, and when the money is spent it is gone forever, whereas investment has a lifelong benefit, generations to come may still benefit; families today still make money from some properties built by their grand parents.

There are different forms of good investment that you can put your savings, ranging from real estate, shares, bonds, businesses, etc. which I will not be able to give details here, try to learn from financial experts and consider anyone you will be pleased to put your savings.
Investment can be a risky venture, but it can also lead to greater reward, and it is usually a better option for long-term savings goals, so please do not run away from it.
Dare to invest, because it is the only way you can begin to really grow your money and build wealth. Make sure you invest your savings today, it is very essential for your personal growth and financial freedom.


Till next time, growth is life, endeavor to grow daily, #GrowWithBolanle.


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