Words are powerful! Words are used to communicate ideas and feelings. However, bad communication attracts abusive response. A yoruba adage says ‘ oro ni n yo obi lapo, on naa ni n yo ida lapo”, words are responsible for bringing kolanut out of the pocket, they are also responsible for bringing sword out of the its case”.


There are some 5 magic words everyone should know and learn to use always. It’s quite unfortunate that as simple as these words are, people find it difficult to say them when the need arises. This can caused broken relationships and hatred.

The 5 magic words are:

Please, Sorry, Thank you, Excuse me and Pardon me

These words have saved a lot of people, These words bring about peaceful co-existence between two people, it shows politeness, humility, and respect.

So, let’s examine them one after the other.


Please: is a magic word used when in need of something from someone. It shows humility and melts the heart of the giver. Some people have been denied some rights as a result of not using this word.


Sorry: Many people find it difficult to say the word sorry, perhaps they think saying it brings down their status in the sight of others or makes them inferior to the other fellow. No, this is not so. Sorry is a word of apology, it indicates acceptance of a fault and apologizing to the affected person.


Thank you: These two words that are used to appreciate a favour or help. None use of this word makes a person felt unappreciated and kills the potential of getting another favour from such person next time. This is because it’s human nature that we want to be appreciated. No matter how little the favour is, it’s essential for the beneficiary to say “thank you”. It encourages the doer of the favour.


Excuse me: This is a polite phrase that can get one out of trouble, it also shows respect and regard for others. For instance, when you are to pick a phone call in a meeting or in the company of friends, by simply saying ” excuse me” makes the people around feel important.


Pardon me: This is a phrase that is used after accepting a fault of mistake. It is used after being sorry for a particular misdeed or wrong. Forgiveness is easier when mistake has been accepted.


Words are powerful, using them in the right way and at the right time makes life easier and relationship stronger. We must be cautious and deliberate about what we say. Using the 5 magic words appropriately is essential for our growth.


Till next time, growth is life, endeavor to grow daily, #GrowWithBolanle.


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