Keeping Contacts means trying as much as possible to keep in touch with people in your world, individuals you have met at one point or another in life, this circle include: your family members, friends, classmates, colleagues, staff, neighbors, church or mosque members, club members, and so on. They all make your world, and must not be jettisoned for no reason.

There is a saying that ‘we live in  a small world’, and the greatest resource anyone can have to excel and ease life’s stress is people.  Value the people you meet today because they will be of great value to you tomorrow. Although your level of closeness and interaction with people around you differ, but none of them should be totally disregarded.

Those who choose to live in isolation rather than relate with others rarely go far in life, likewise, people who only relate with selected few and totally disregard others are not doing themselves any good. A time will come when the least person in your world may be the one to save you a great deal at a critical point of need. Keeping in touch with people strengthens relationship, and in the long run helps to reduce a lot of stress, saves time and even money.

People have gotten things done without stress, things that could have cost them so much time and money, just because they have a good relationship with the person in charge. Many have gotten life transforming jobs and contracts through recommendation by someone they know. A lot of people have benefited greatly from one opportunity or another because the never lost contact with that old classmate who is now fortunate to hold a position of power. This gives credence to the Yoruba adage that says ‘Eniyan laso temi’ literally translated to mean ‘People are my clothing’

I would like to admonish my readers to never underestimate anyone based on their current state or status, you never can tell what the future holds for such person. Don’t because of your current achievement disregard people under you, what you call achievements today could become superfluous tomorrow. Kindly endeavor keep the contact of everyone you come across no matter who they are today, it will save you time, money and stress in future.

Till next time, growth is life, endeavor to grow daily, #GrowWithBolanle.


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