One very important thing that must be done to improve personal growth, especially in the process of transforming a business idea into reality and a profitable venture, is “working for free” Yes work for free, the money will come later!

While you are working hard to make progress in your business or vocation, set aside some of your time, money and energy to impact lives and solve problems for people in your own little way. It might be in the form of rendering free services to others who cannot afford it, organizing some free training sessions on a skill you are good at, rending assistance no matter how little to others. This is an important and valuable thing to do while growing.

A lot of benefits are attached to working for free when growing. Some of them are:

  1. Self Development: Knowledge is not improved when it is not practiced. When you continue to help others with the skills you are good at, you gain more experience (especially when you are just starting) this will surely make you better at what you do and ultimately become a master of your art.
  2. Making Impact in the life of others: Impacting the lives of others is key to greatness. It also gives great fulfilment. The measurement for greatness is in the number of lives that has been impacted positively. This is what working for free will do for you.
  3. Access to opportunities: Based on the impact you have been making in people’s life, you will be recommended for greater projects and better opportunities as it is a form of networking and advertisement as your skills have been showcased.


Are you a graduate seeking for a job?  Are you good at a skill or craft?  Why stay idle when you can volunteer your skills to family members, church members, neighbours, friends, colleagues, corporate organizations etc., who need this service. Just do it for free, through this you will get better at what you do and get recommended to others with the prospect that such connection will lead to better opportunities to excel in life.

Till next time, growth is life, endeavor to grow daily, #GrowWithBolanle.


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