Entrepreneurship has become the new buzz word in town these days that white-collar job seems to be very competitive to get due to high turn out of graduates produced every year. It is now the order of the day to learn a vocation or skill alongside schooling. Yes, this is good, in fact if continued will move our nation forward.

However, it is also very disheartening to see that many just enroll to learn these vocations but end up quitting along the line, and those that endeavor to finish are not practicing, established nor making a living out of what they have learnt.


I’m sure you would have seen a lot of young people who claimed to have learnt sewing but still give their clothes to a tailor to sew, many claimed to have learnt baking but can’t bake a good cake for their young cousin’s birthday, many once learnt furniture making but all the furniture in their house are made by others, many also learnt how to repair phone, laptops, but takes their gadgets to others for repair, I can go on and on, to mention innumerable vocations youth have invested their time, energy and money on but still pay to get these services done.


But why is this so! Why do people have skills at their palms and still complain of poverty and idleness, why do parent invest so much in schooling as well as skill acquisition for their children but still feeds and house them at 30? From my survey, I have been able to identify three (3) salient reasons causing this disheartening situation and how to overcome them.


  1. Follow Follow (in Pidgin English):This simply means doing something because others are doing it or because it seems to be lucrative, but not in line with your passion. This is the major reason why many today went ahead to learn a vocation or venture into a particular business. They do not even understand the mechanism behind succeeding in the business, they do not have the knowledge of managing risks and uncertainties associated with it. So, when challenges come, they won’t be able to handle it.


  1. Lack of Patience:This also occurs because of the point above. “It is only when passion is backed up by action that one can function” (Bolanle 2017). Many could not wait patiently to complete and master the vocation they have chosen because they do not find it interesting, therefore they quit halfway. Hear this, “It is very important to learn a vocation in line with your passion because you will always enjoy the stress involved and will be ready to put in all efforts to succeed” (Bolanle 2017).


  1. Wanting to start big:Yes, this is the master of them all. Many have the notion that success in business or any vocation is having a big shop/office in the center of the city, well furnished, fully air-conditioned, neatly painted and tiled, etc. Of course, it is good to have all that, but it all balls down to growth. One does not need that to start. But it’s so unfortunate that many are waiting to have this before they can start at all. You hear words like “I’m looking for money to rent a shop/office, I haven’t bought all the machines required for my work, it is this and that that is delaying me”… Let me be frank with you, you may not be able to get all that soonest, so START NOW WITH WHAT YOU HAVE. The growth of a business or vocation must start from within not from the physical. Start building your goodwill now, build trust, build a good relationship with customers, and every other good thing shall follow.


Till next time, growth is life, endeavor to grow daily. #GrowWithBolanle.



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