1.  JEDI-JEDI is caused by taking too much sugar:

This is one of the most common myths in every household. At one point or the other, we have been disciplined or warned to stop taking too much sugar, so as to avoid having “jedi-jedi” and we have gulped down tons of concoctions to prevent or cure this ailment.

What most Nigerians refer to as jedi-jedi, is actually “hemorrhoids” which completely has nothing to do with the intake of sugar, as opposed to what our parents have told us.

Hemorrhoids are simply swollen veins in your anus and lower rectum, they are caused by constipation, low-fiber diet, obesity, sitting for too long (especially on a hard surface). The simple treatment for hemorrhoids is simply to increase the amount of fiber you consume (e.g. fruits, vegetable and whole grains), to soften your stool and add bulk. Also simply increase your water intake and take mild analgesics to reduce the pain.


2.  Cold or catarrh is caused by cold weather:

You remember playing outside while the weather is chilly or its raining, and your mom screaming at you to get back in, to avoid having catarrh or cold? Well, the cold weather doesn’t actually cause cold or catarrh.

The culprit usually responsible for Colds is the “rhinovirus”, it is usually spread through the air. When someone infected with the rhinovirus, coughs or sneezes.it can also be spread by contact with someone who has the germs.

Catarrh is simply the mucous membrane producing mucus, in reaction to an infection or irritation (e.g. cold). So no virus means no cold. it has nothing to do with the weather.


Stop eating carbohydrates and fat to lose weight:

Foods that contain fats and carbohydrates are actually very essential to the body. They provide energy for your day to day activities. So totally avoiding them can do more harm than good. They are very important and should not be cut out of your diet. A much better option is to reduce your intake of them and substitute with fruits and vegetables.


Lemon flavored drinks contain less sugar:

As an avid lover of the sweet and the sour, I have lost count of how many times, I have reached for Teem or Schweppes, only to be told that it would make me lose weight. Shocker alert: lemon flavored drinks (like Teem, Schweppes, Mountain Dew, sprite etc.) actually contain as much as 2ce the amount of sugar as every other drink. Due to the sour taste of lemon, more sugar is actually needed, to make it sweet enough. So if in the past, you have reached for a bottle of Teem, thinking it would help with your weight loss, you have got it wrong.


Swallowing gum would stop you from conceiving:

This is actually quite hilarious, I believe this was made up by concerned parents, who just wanted their children to stop chewing gum, and Nigerian parents  like to come up with  ridiculous myths. Swallowed gum, actually doesn’t digest, but it does get excreted.


There are tons of misconceptions out there, so instead of being caught in “them say,them say”, do your research, get advice from experts and stay healthy.


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