It is widely said that, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Yet, few adhere to the wisdom in this saying as it now mostly a cliche everyone recites without much thought. Apart from the numerous nutritional supplements fruits provide our body with, they have the added advantage of being delicious!

But many of us go as long as weeks without consuming these little babies; little wonder we have all those toilet issues. LOL.

Therefore, I have brought to you reasons to incorporate fruits into your daily diets.

Why you should take more fruits:
  • Most fruits are naturally low in cholesterol and calories. So, if you’re trying to lose some weight, why not start eating more fruits every day.
  • Fruits such as bananas, oranges and melon are rich in potassium. And guess what potassium does? It keeps your blood pressure regulated.
  • Fruits aid easy digestion—you know, to help the toilet issue we spoke about earlier.
  • Fruits release much needed energy instantly. To my gym folks and #Ibadanfitfam!
  • Quick, natural snack! Fruits make good snack treats instead of various junk we eat between meals.

Fortunately for us, Nigeria is blessed with numerous fruits and they come cheap too. So whether it’s that banana after breakfast or the agbalumos after dinner; let’s try to eat some kind of fruit every day.



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