“Physical Wellbeing” has been defined as “having good health and enough energy to get things done on a daily basis.”


Exercise. Do it. Not only does it make you happier and less stressed but the more energy you expend at the gym, the more you’ll have in your daily life.



‘People who exercise at least two days a week are happier and have significantly less stress. In addition, these benefits increase with more frequent exercise. It has been discovered that each additional day of exercise in a given week — at least up to six days when people reach a point of diminishing returns — continues to boost energy levels… As a publication stated: “A lack of energy often results from inactivity, not age.”’


Most scientific studies overlook another powerful component that contributes to major statistical increases in happiness and life satisfaction:

Feeling sexy as hell.


To their credit, researchers don’t ignore the sexy quotient. It matters. Exercise makes you feel attractive and feeling attractive makes you confident. In fact, research shows that your sexy quotient may be as powerful as formal metrics like BMI.
‘One of the primary reasons people exercise regularly is because it makes them feel better about themselves and their appearance, and it boosts their confidence. If you exercise today, you are more than twice as likely to feel physically attractive tomorrow.


Feeling attractive is not just important for our self-confidence. Researchers at Columbia University found that our psychological perceptions of our body image could be as important as objective measures like body mass index (BMI).’


Another essential factor that contributes to your physical wellbeing is your food. Recent groundbreaking and controversial research shows that the food you shovel into your face affects your health.



What is notable is that restaurant choice can matter more than food choice. Eating at a place where the menu is bursting with healthy options makes you more likely to choose them. But when you go to a fast food restaurant the presence of a salad on the menu actually makes you more likely to eat junk.


And do I even need to mention getting enough good sleep? Please. You know, it, I know it, I’m not writing anything else about it. Use the time you saved not reading stats on sleep to go take a nap.


1. Exercise. Just do it ✓ ??
2. Eat well. No two ways around it.
3. Sleep well. Everyone knows this, but few actually do it.


Now, go have an amazing life!


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