Alaafin Of Oyo Welcomes Seventy Black Americans Home


Seventy Black Americans traced their ancestral lineage to the ancient town of Oyo, last Saturday.
The Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi 111 at the civic reception organized to welcome them, urged the Federal, States Governments and other individuals too, as a matter of utmost concern, embark on re-integrating Yorubas across the globe back to their ancestral roots, in order to save their souls from continued trauma.

As a people, our culture, politics and religious experience have been extremely unfulfilled. The Yorubas are now falling in the same condition through which the African Americans had allowed themselves to be seduced by preachers of a foreign gospel. We know that the universalist inspiration which has come to the Yoruba through Christianity and Islam has reduced their concern or allegiance to their own god and by extension to their own nationality. The Yoruba will be very much reduced in their political, cultural and spiritual development by their seduction into these alien religions,” he said.

He also stressed the urgent need for world leaders to conserve Oyo Yoruba traditions as an international heritage of exceptional value.
According to him, ‘’concerted efforts must be intensified by increasing inspiration to become national or to recognise nationhood. So with that, we see the Yoruba in the diaspora, as it is popularly called, to be the Yoruba that will greatly guide and influence the Yoruba in the ancient homeland, who for the most part are tending to move away from a sense of preservation of their own culture and tradition, particular religion”.
He pointed out that, the duty of Alaafin is to stand defence of every Yoruba soul either on the continent of Africa or in the Diaspora in a globalized world.
The monarch, noted, that people carry in their veins the rich, strong, virile Yoruba blood that has refused to be polluted or diluted by many years of contact with the outside world, adding that they are not only devoted, courageous but devotional in preserving the sacred intellectual property and the foundation of the Yoruba knowledge system, despite the orchestrated condemnation of its relevance.
‘’Oyo Empire was in possession of all the land. Oyo was very fast in expansion and became one of the earliest states with a central authority system. This makes Oyo, probably the greatest of the forest states in West Africa. At the highest of its existence, having fully developed a sophisticated internal system of government, Oyo dominated all other Yoruba kingdoms namely; Ife, Ekiti, Ijesa, Egba, Ijebu, Ondo, Sabe and Owu. It stretched into Dahomey, Togo and parts of the Ashanti in Ghana.
‘’This achievement marked a new phase in the history of the Yoruba; for it witnessed the effective transfer of power from Ile-Ife to Oyo which became the Centre of a new powerful empire with far-flung cultural, political and linguistic influences.. Oyo soon became the seat of government of the Yoruba people. Interestingly, the new identity of Oyo was diffused to all parts of Yoruba land with overwhelming adoption’’.
Lamenting on how scores and scores of Africans, particularly the Yorubas are being encouraged to disrespect, dishonour and abandon anything African by the Western world, Oba Adeyemi said African religious beliefs are demonized and discarded to the extent that some misguided Africans now abandon their family names in preference to names without bearing to their backgrounds.
Oba Adeyemi took a swipe of European colonisation and their hegemony, saying that the colonization of Africa was indeed a cultural project, while the hegemonic cultures of Europe actually set out to destroy other cultures and super-impose their own cultures and values on the people, in order to perpetuate the relationship of inequality and inequity.
‘’In spite of the assaults, African culture has demonstrated its resilience and beyond that relevance in a troubled and confused


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