Egungun is very important in Ibadan land because it is the father of all idols. The Yoruba believe that Egungun was the first creature sent to the world by God. He was sent to help the human solve their challenges. In this series, we would be discussing one of the highly revered masquerades in Ibadan, Alapansanpa.




Alapansanpa is a masquerade which belongs to the Ogundeji clan of Ibadan and one of the highly revered and dreaded masquerades in the city of Ibadan. During the Yoruba civil wars (1793–1893), Alapansanpa and many other senior masquerades, including Oloolu, Abidielege, Agbo Ogede, Atipako, and Obadimeji collectively accompanied Ibadan warriors on their military campaigns, particularly against the Ijebus and the Egbas to the south and their bitterest enemies, the Ijesas and the Ekitis, as well as the Fulani Jihadists stationed at Ilorin to the north





Alapansanpa ‘o dele Olubadan, Ibadan o f’araro …

There is no respite in Ibadan if Alapansanpa refuses to visit Olubadan (the ruler) …

During the yearly festival in Ibadan, members of the Ogundeji family make a procession from their compound to the palace of the Olubadan and round the town. part of the festival rites is the use of “ore” (a slender stick) which the men among them use to beat themselves to test their endurance. it is said that no masquerade is allowed to make a procession on the same day as Alapansanpa in order to avoid clashes





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