Hello avid readers. Today we would be telling you stories behind some place names in Ibadan, which you would enjoy and also enlighten you.

Mọ̀lété is the shortened form of ọmọlétégé. It is a description of a mad woman who used to inhabit a spot around the now famous round-about. This mad woman chose this area as her residence. However, what was noticeable about her was her neatness; her rags were always neat because she washed them daily, and also kept her surroundings clean and sat radiantly in her chosen spot. Hence, the name ọmọlétégé ‘a child who sits radiantly’ was used in naming this place. But, the name was shortened to Mọ̀lété which later became this place’s name.

Ògùnpa is Ègùnpupa ‘a light complexioned Ègùn speaker’. Ògùnpa is the name of a river in Ìbàdàn and the place where this river is located bears its name till today. According to history, a woman whose name is uncertain but was referred to as Ègùnpupa because of where she came from, Badagary, where they speak the Ègùn language and for her light complexion got angry and turned into the river. This river was named after her and it was called Ègùnpupa. From Ègùnpupa, it became Ègùnpa which later changed Ògùnpa

Kúdẹtì is the name of a river in Ìbàdàn and this river is still in Ìbàdàn today. Some years back, this river served as a source of water for the inhabitants of this place. However, the medicinal potency of this river was discovered when a sick man drank this river’s water and was healed. As a result of this, the people made the river sacred and equally, sick people who were at the prime of death drank the water and were healed. This made the people happy and uttered this statement “Ikú ti di ẹtì” meaning ‘death has become impossible’. Thus, the name of the river became Ikúdẹtì. Later, it was called Kúdẹtì.

Source: An Etimological Study of Ibadan Place Names. Olatunji Opeyemi Muibat


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