To get “hench” you need to get stronger; you may already know that though. Training is always about starting with the basics, moving big numbers and making your body adapt. You know you need to get stronger, but how do you get stronger?

Do 1 More Rep

Just say that you can manage 5 solid reps with a weight when deadlifting, after the 5th one rack it for 5-10 seconds. This gives you just enough time to recover and go for a 6th. It’s amazing how this little trick can help you get extra reps with max weights. Over time this obviously means you end up moving a lot more weight, which is the whole point! Just one more!

Do 1 More Set

Stronger doesn’t always mean more weight, it can be more volume. So if you’re stuck on some weight at 6 reps and you’ve been doing 3 sets, just do a 4th. You might only get 4 reps on that set but it will soon add up. Then you will gradually be able to get more weight on the bar for each set. One more.

Secondary Muscles

Sometimes it’s not your big muscles that are holding you back, it’s the supporting ones. If your bench press is sticking, maybe it’s your triceps which need the work. Get stronger on pushdowns and your bench will go up! If your squat is sticking, maybe your core is too weak to support anymore weight. See what I mean? True strength comes from being strong all over.

Sum Up

You must have gathered that all you need to do to get stronger might just be to go ONE MORE time. It will eventually add up.

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