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Whenever I’m going to workout, whether at the gym or right in my room, I like to know that I’m fully prepared for the workout in front of me. That’s the best pre-workout you can ever have because if you don’t have that fixed, your workout isn’t going to kick-off like it should. Of course, to get you in the mood and get that little buzz there’s nothing wrong with having a pre-workout as well, I like to do the same. But you need more than just that…

Pre-Workout Food

Going to the gym without a good pre-workout feed isn’t going to cut it. This meal is all about giving you the protein you need to avoid catabolism and the energy required to perform properly. Feeling hungry and tired before you’ve even warmed up is useless- you may as well not train. You don’t grow in the gym, it’s outside by eating correctly so get your pre-workout meal down sharpish. Anywhere between 45-90 minutes before you train really.


Plan ahead, know what you’re going to be doing before you do it. Training has to be that way otherwise you’re just guessing. Before you start training know what it is you’re aiming to achieve and chase it!


The final part to any good pre-workout preparation is focusing on the weight/routine you’re going to be doing. It’s great to go in heavy at first; that takes some serious determination sometimes which means it’s time to focus first. Focus means reserving your strength for only that which you came for. It’s good to share a laugh or two or hang out with the boys/ladies, but there’s no point doing all of that and missing your target. Enjoy your training, but concentrate when needed!

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