I’m not going to waffle on about how you should do 1 hour of cardio every day- I’m not the guy to do that. But I will say now that doing some cardio is only going to help you get shredded, and be a healthier person. If there was one habit I could encourage more people to do, it would be fasted cardio I think, it’s definitely helped me and lots of my friends. In fact, let me share with you now how it helps.

Heart Health

Keeping your heart healthy matters, don’t ever forget it. Getting outside early in the morning before you eat, on the road for 30 minutes can do your heart the world of good. It helps manage blood pressure, cholesterol and also improves your aerobic capacity which will make you train harder in the gym.

You can try different things to keep it interesting, cycling, swimming, walking, running. Fasted cardio is always my preferred choice for fat loss and staying fit!


I hate being bloated and I bet you do as well. Walking usually fixes it though, doesn’t it? Doing your cardio helps food move easier through your gut so it makes digestion happen quicker. Moving more is good for digestion, especially fasted in the morning before you start putting anything back into your stomach.

Fat Loss

The obvious one, fat loss! As habits go, along with training hard in the gym and following a portion controlled diet, doing regular cardio is a really simple way to burn more energy. These days when the labour intensive jobs are fast dwindling in number, cardio comes in and save the day. You burn off energy better and quicker if you have a labour intensive job, of course, but now that most of you seat behind a computer all day all month, you just have to put in the work, and get up in the morning for some good sweaty, fat-burning, abs-revealing, fitness-building run (or jog, swim, etc).

Have you ever heard of a lazy man who was physically fit? I bet you haven’t.

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