Something awesome comes your way, fellow Ibadan Insiders! Today, we launch the new series, Ibadan Fitfam. Yeah, go ahead and create the hashtag already. #IbadanFitfam. Can you feel your heart beat faster already? That’s pretty much what you’re going to be experiencing these coming months.

Do Ibadan people love to exercise? Do we love to work out? Do we care about physical fitness? Do we give a damn about eating healthy? I would love to think so, but we’ll know in good time. That’s why #IbadanFitfam is here.

There’s a whole world of things to look forward to in this series. To give you a glimpse, here’s a few awesome stuff to watch out for:

  • Carefully drafted weekly blog posts on fitness designed by us, for you.
  • Quality video tutorials.
  • Nutritional advice for healthy eating.
  • Cool fitness events organised just for you, available all over the city.
  • Personalised fitness training plans for individuals.
  • And more and more and more!

Like you, we just can’t keep calm, especially if you’re a fitness bum. Go get your sweatpants and jogging shoes dusted and cleaned up. It’s time to get fit!

For inspiration and motivation, follow us on Instagram: @ibadanfitfam.

Watch out for this space.



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