Timing your carbs around your workout can make all the difference. It’s pretty logical too, carbs are the fastest source of energy for the body so why not have more of them before you train and afterwards to recover. To try and make sense of all this I’ve got a 3 step plan below for you, as ever I’m keeping it simple because I don’t like over-complicating anything.

1) Lunch

Every meal will usually have carbs but as this is the second to last one you have before you train, have a good sized meal. Take in your carbs from something like rice, potatoes/sweet potato and have some fat as well. This will give you a nice steady supply of energy going into your pre-workout meal where you can top it up.

2) Pre-Workout

Have a nice top up here with some extra carbs. Having some fruit on top for a natural burst of sugar might help as well. Don’t go so crazy that you end up feeling bloated though because your performance will suffer for it. It’s much better if you eat your pre-workout meal about an hour before you train so you’re not hungry when you get to the gym and you feel full of energy.

3) Post-Workout 

After you’ve trained you need to get some carbs back in you to help recover. Carbohydrates are great for pushing your protein to the muscle and filling your muscles back up. If you don’t replenish your carbs enough you could eventually flatten out which means you won’t look as big or sharp.
Of course have your carbs in every meal, but maybe have a little extra in these meals.
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